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About the video: "The time of the manta rays is over, lost to greed and exploitation by humans. Hannah is a wanderer, a sea gypsy, a manta ray reincarnate as person, lost to the world. Alone and searching for a time long past, she gives herself up to the sea, slowly walking into the waves and drifting into the dark abyss. In a dream-state, she awakens falling through water, bubbles and lights. An manta glides gracefully from the darkness and approaches her, brushing close to her hand and face...and she smiles. Other mantas appear and she is united with her lost family at last. A dance begins with Hannah and the mantas emulating each others movements, a dance they have done a thousand times before." We must act now to protect manta rays or they will be lost forever! A special thanks to Singer/Song Writer Terra Naomi for generously sharing here beautiful song "If I could Stay". Download at iTunes: goo.gl/MiBMJ Our Passionate message is – Yes! You can make a difference! We must act now to put a stop to the Manta gill trade and we can make this happen at the CITES meeting in early March. Concerned CITIZENS can sign this petition, asking this governments to vote in favor of manta ray conservation: avaaz.org/en/petition/Protect_Manta_Rays/