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Who: ReaderxHaven't decided yet. What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 4 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Y/N's POV I pushed him away, "Whoa back up there buddy boy, Phoenix is a myth." "You really think so, after what's happened to you?" he said. He stood up straight, running his hand through his hair. Damn he was attractive but that was not the point right now. What he was talking about was an immortal fire bird that didn't exist, it was an old wives tale. "A flame dropped from the sky one day, a flame that came from the sun. Unable to extinguish the flame, five old mystics chanted a spell to infuse the flame in a bird. Thus the Phoenix was born, a ruler of fire unable to be burned, unable to be extinguished.... Immortal." I said reciting a version of the Phoenix's origin. "You can't believe everything you hear Y/N. Some versions said the Phoenix was a gift from the gods to humans as a watcher, a protector." "Another version said that the Phoenix was originally a crow that watched over a town. When it had seen the humanity lost in the town it decided everyone need to be wiped out in order to start again. One after that placed the Phoenix as a bad omen." I said continuing with the many versions I heard. "The Phoenix goes beyond those legends and myths. Those stories were formed by civilizations who mistranslated the original beginning through fear or lack of knowledge, it got twisted. The Phoenix is not an evil creature." "But you said it could go either way." "Depending on its influence yes. You see Baekhyun as an evil tyrant and you're not wrong but the fact that he was your first love keeps you blinded." I folded my arms again annoyed by him. What exactly was he trying to say? "What are you implying?" I said. "That you're still in love with Baekhyun. Your heart still races when you see him, you long for his touch. However, he is the one that killed your precious parents so you're getting pulled between your love and hate for him. Both will end up badly for you." "OK so what exactly are you trying to say to me Yixing? This is a lot of information at once." "And more to come I'm afraid, but you were the one insistent on asking questions." I simply rolled my eyes, I could hear him sigh before he said, "Come here." I looked back at him, he sounded caring. Before he sounded like all business even when he was telling me about Baekhyun. He was cocky most of the time which pissed me off but his tone had somehow gotten soft. His hand was held out to me, I looked at it then back at him but he kept it extended and showed no signs of putting it down till I took it. I bit the inside of my cheek and took his hand. He swiftly pulled me into him and I sort of winced, the way I had moved I felt my hips aching. Damn it Chanyeol. Yixing gently put his hands on my hip and pulled me down so I could sit on his lap. I looked at him wondering what was going on. He pulled off his suit jacket and unbuttoned the sleeves to his white shirt. He rolled it up showing a tattoo of a unicorn on his forearm. "If that's a gang sign I seriously suggest getting a new gang." I said sarcastically. "It's the mark of the chosen healer. When a Phoenix is born into a new cycle, a healer should be born as well and trained with the soul purpose of protecting the Phoenix and following it through its reign. We are trained to give our lives for the Phoenix. So whether you trust me now or not you must understand, I will give my life for you." "Okay so answer me this, when I fought yesterday and lost control of my body somehow all my wounds happened to heal. Why would a Phoenix that's self healing and immortal need a healer?" "Because you are not immortal, the fire within you is, the Phoenix is. There are two ways a Phoenix fights, taking over the body of its master completely or separating from them to follow their commands in battle. When the Phoenix takes over its master, it will heal you to keep you alive, which is what happened. However, if it had separated it would've saved you but I would have been the only way to heal you. We healers go beyond just being your life line though Y/N. We are your adviser, your guardian, your trainer, your protector." I exhaled not believing any of this completely. He'd changed the subject a few times on me so I was frankly trying to piece everything together. "You don't trust me, I know that. So go to the Teller, ask him what he sees." "His visions aren't all ways accurate." "No they're accurate, he just doesn't let you know there's more than one path that can be taken. Ask him for his full knowledge, ask him the right questions, he'll prove to you what you are. After pushing you off the roof, I allowed your powers to be reactivated but it may feel like you're going through your first stages of developing them again which means you need to be careful and control your temper or you'll only make things worse for yourself." I nodded, I was listening to him and didn't even realize how quickly he'd captivated my attention. Yixing stared at me deep in the eyes, I was searching for some reason, any hint not to trust him but there was nothing I could find in those dark brown eyes. He leaned in closer to me tilting his head up and I unconsciously leaned down to him our lips just inches away from each other. He whispered, "Baekhyun talked about you a lot,I only ever knew it was my job to protect you so I never understood why he was so in love with you. I understand it now Y/N. You're hard to resist, powerful, smart and beautiful. I know now why he'd stop at nothing to make you his again." "I was never truly his, a day after sleeping with me he'd slept with someone else." "He never truly deserved you." He said. His hand hovered over my chest as he whispered against my lips, "Let me heal your heart." "No thanks, I'm in love with my suffering." I stood up pulling myself from him. He was a bit dangerous to be around right now. I know I said I had my fix today but I was starting to think I needed another round with Chanyeol to get Yixing out of my system. I walked out of the room closing the door behind me. I took the elevator back up to the main floor and saw Junmyeon, Chanyeol and Jinyoung talking by the cameras. When Chanyeol saw me he came over and said, "Hey what the hell did he say?" "He says I'm some mythical beast from a fairytale." "What?" he asked genuinely confused. I sighed, "He says I'm the Phoenix and that I should go see the Teller. If I ask the right questions he'll supposedly prove what I am." "That makes sense." Junmyeon muttered against his hand. "Not you too." I complained. "We'll when you attacked everyone the fire that took form around you was in the shape of a bird." Junmyeon said. "That doesn't make me a Phoenix. Chanyeol's formed a weird Dragon once when he was upset." "Yes but Chanyeol's entire line is dragon born." Junmyeon said. "What like the game?" "Really? You're making jokes now?" Chanyeol said. I shrugged my shoulders, "Anyway, I need Mark and Jackson to come with me." "Wait you're going?" Chanyeol said grabbing my arm. I looked down at his hand then at him with no particular change in my expression but he seemed to let go of me, his eyes twitching like he'd seen something strange. "Why do you need them?" Junmyeon said. "Why do you think? The Teller is near that Kingdom, I might as well go make a friend or two." "He's not nicknamed the Lazy king for nothing Y/N he probably won't see you." Chanyeol said. "Eh can't hurt to try." "Besides what are you even planning to do when you meet him, if you get to meet him?" Junmyeon asked. "Look as it stands now we as the Rebels can not take out Baekhyun's army on our own. We're going to need numbers as well and he's got numbers more than he needs. We may be in his debt for a bit but winning this battle should be worth the price. I want Baekhyun dead, I want his rule to end and I will make damn sure no other Light King rises again. Tao and Chanyeol will come with me, keep an eye on Yixing. No one talk to him, drop off his food and a blanket for him but after that don't make contact with him till I get back. No one touch him, please." With that, I turned around with Chanyeol following behind me. Heading to see the Bear King, hm. I wonder if he was still in hibernation. Baekhyun's POV I had completely trashed my office and then stayed up all night trashing my bedroom. The mirror was broken, my bed sheets every where, my chair broken. The ring she bought me when we celebrated our first anniversary was still on my finger but now stained with my blood. She didn't notice or if she did she didn't show it. Her poker face was good though, she was smarter than me I should've known she would've had a plan to break free. I should've known it was a trap. My useless men let her and her friends get away along with the data we would need for the Kingdoms rally. It was encrypted of course but I knew she'd find away to break though that in no time. For the first time since I'd lost her three years ago, I broke down. My back leaned against the wall as I sat on the floor, one leg out stretched the other bent with my elbow resting on it. My hand in my hair and tears falling down my face as I twisted the ring on my finger thinking of her. For an entire year while we were dating, she didn't let me touch her and that night she'd finally given in to me. I thought she'd give in again if I touched her the same way but she held back all noises, any facial expressions of pleasure. She acted as if she didn't want me anymore but it was a lie. She still loved me, someone that hated me as fiercely as she did meant that she still loved me as well. Other wise she would've let it go. I wanted her so bad, "Y/N." I spoke in a whisper to no one in the room as if speaking her name would magically make her appear before me. I had sent for a girl a while ago and she'd finally knocked on the door; I called for her to come in. She walked over to me, I had already wiped my tears but whatever indication was left behind that I had been crying she had noticed it immediately. She cupped my face in her hands bending down to kiss me lightly. I had been reduced to this, hollow kisses by women I didn't love to feed my desire to have her back. Each time they came, all I could see was her. She grabbed my hand pulling me up and over to the bed. She sat down and leaned back paying no attention to my slightly bloodied hand from when the mirror cut it. I got on top of her and kissed her like she was Y/N. My precious Y/N. She didn't smell like her, not that I expected her too nor did she taste or feel like her. The sounds she made when I pushed my fingers inside her weren't the same but I still flashed back to the day we first made love. The faces she made, the way she cried out for more, begging me to keep moving inside her and never stop. This wasn't Y/N though, this was a temporary woman, a temporary fix, no where near a replacement for what I had lost. "I hate you I HATE YOU!" Those were the words she'd screamed at me when I had slept with another woman just twenty-four hours after we had slept together. She was crying hard, pain on her face more heartbreaking than anything else I'd seen in the world. I had let her believe for a week that she'd done something to make me upset. I'd sleep with her than leave in silence and she drove herself crazy trying to figure out why I had done this. I was her first man, her first love, her first kiss. I was her first everything and that seemed to make me feel like I was under unnecessary pressure. I was even more scared of how deeply I had fallen in love with her. I couldn't leave her but instead of saying anything I had cheated on her instead. "I HATE YOU!" "I'm sorry, don't leave me Y/N please." That's what I had said, begging her not to go. I remember wrapping my hands around her face, crying myself, pleading and apologizing over and over again but she was hurt and disgusted by me. I asked her to stay with me, I told her I'd never do it again and for a second I thought she believed me. Instead, she pulled off her matching ring and threw it at me, hitting my chest. I suppose she didn't realize she was using her powers after being so upset so when it hit me the ring burned me, leaving a mark on my chest. Having a healer by my side, I know Yixing could've healed me but I wanted the scar, I wanted to feel the pain everytime I saw it to remind me of what I had done to her. I was thrusting wildly inside this woman, not realizing I had my hand around throat. I pulled back but my thrust didn't stop even as she begged me to stop. "Y/N." I called out her name. I had to get her back. I'd make her mine and she'd rule next to me. The Light King and the Phoenix Queen we could expose the world and burn it down together. She hated me for killing her parents, she had no idea all of the things I had done for her. "Oh Fuck." I called out reaching my climax. I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes. I could feel her hand wrap around my member, the thought of Y/N making it rise again and I could feel her mouth cover it. I laced my fingers through her hair. Her head now bobbing up and down, Y/N wouldn't do anything like this. I wouldn't let her even if she wanted too, lips as pretty as her's shouldn't do such dirty things. Something came to mind though, an old memory of us together. *Baekhyun's flashback* "What's the best way to track someone?" I asked her while popping a grape in my mouth. She looked like she had thought hard about this question exploring the various different ways of tracking someone. "You have to track a person first based off how they think. People that aren't that bright often go to the most obvious places to hide out: family members houses, friends places, their third favorite hang out. Tricky people, they hide out in places you'd never expect to find them. Once you've got an idea of where they may have gone you have to look for a trail, track their accounts, and communication signals that they're using. You can even track powers if you pay attention." She said now taking a grape into her mouth. *End of Baekhyun's flashback* Of course, that had to be it. She wouldn't hide within the kingdom, not even in the dark city. Her people were seen there but there was no way she'd operate right there. I pushed the woman off me, her face looking shocked, trying to figure out what she had done. I put my clothes back on calling my men to meet me in my office. I walked out fully clothed fixing my collar. When I had reached the office, they were there standing silently waiting for me. "Get our men outside the city have them search every inch outside the Kingdom territories I want her found." "You think she's outside the Kingdom?" Jongin said looking at me confused. "I know she is. I know her." "My lord what should we with the others?" Jongdae said. "I don't care for them right now I just want her. " "And what of Yixing?" Kyungsoo spoke up. I looked to Jongin, he said that they took Yixing with them after that one boy stopped time. I wondered why they took him. I turned back to Kyungsoo. "If you're able to bring him back, alive." They all nodded and left the room. I sat down in front of my computer and stole one last glance at the ring on my finger. "You are mine."
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