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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5: Kimchi Spaghetti

After much worry it turned out Yixing's ankle was absolutely fine and he'd done no more than sprained it. So much to his happiness, he was back to dancing in no time even though the doctor ordered he should rest it for a few days. Luhan expressed his worry over it time and time again, but Yixing would shirk his friend's comments with a smile, saying he was absolutely fine and appreciated the concern.


Once again you were in your room in the dorm - you pondered, lying on the bed, looking over at your manager noona's empty bed since she never came back to the dorms until late at night from work. You weren't allowed/supposed to go out and socialize with the boys since it wasn't in your place to be all up in their privacy. So that's why you sighed, feeling annoyed that you constantly heard laughter and the smell of food emitting from under your door every night...

The smell was gorgeous every night after practice. You wish you could've tasted what was being made, instead you'd just have to lock yourself in your room and have instant ramen.

Oh ramen


Your stomach rumbled signaling you were very hungry.

You tutted - you were so sick of having the same thing every day, but what were you to do?

You slid your hand under your bed to obtain a ramen packet to hve , turning the kettle on to boil.

But there was nothing there.

"Oh no." You gasped, peering under the bed and realizing you'd finished all the ramen.

You peered under the bed and huffed, how did you not know! You remembered putting off buying new packets since you were so busy and broke...

But you didn't want to worry your parents and ask them to send more money over from the UK..

You laid back on the bed annoyed - upset that you'd have no dinner since you couldn't go out and buy some food at this time.

You breathed in.

It was a big mistake.

The most glorious smell filled your nose...

It made your stomach twist and turn in hunger.

"Oh no! Why do they have to be eating something so delicious right now!?" You grumbled along with your stomach and your body moved on its own.

"... well... I could just see what's cooking..." You whispered tiptoeing to your bedroom door.

You creeper out of your bedroom - peering round the corner and walking into the kitchen quietly, following the smell.

You noticed the source of the magnificent smell was emitting from an unattended pot. You walked over to it slowly. It looked like soup at the moment, there were vegetables on the side and a chopping board, but they haven't been cut yet.

"Oh gosh!" You looked around to see if anyone was around to check the pot - but you thought screw it, and began turning the spoon around in the pot - the gorgeous smell filled your nose while you stirred.

You finally recognized the smell - it was kimchi for sure - since you were so used to eating your instant kimchi flavoured noodles, but this looked and smelt a lot more appetizing than your instant food.

"Y/N-shi, what are you doing?" You nearly crapped your pants you were so shocked by the entrance of Kyungsoo in an apron.

"Oh my gosh, so so sorry Kyungsoo-shi, I didn't mean to. I just came in and it was getting burnt so I stirred it - I'm-"

"It's OK." Kyungsoo said first looking alarmed, but then readjusted to your presence and walking towards the hob.

"Well, see you and sorry again." You said walking past Kyungsoo and nodding your head politely at him.?

Your stomach growled, giving the game away.

You clutched onto it, retching over it feeling embarrassed.

"Do... do you want some?" Kyungsoo asked awkwardly - but willingly, looking at you for an answer.

You couldn't help but blush profusely at his request - unsure of what to say.

"Ah - no it's ok I-"

"It's alright, I made too much and I don't even eat that much. I made a lot because it's Jongin's favorite dish, but I'll scold him for you if he eats a lot." Kyungsoo said reassuringly, shrugging his shoulders and continued cooking.

"Are you... sure? I don't want to intrude-"

"It's ok. You must be sick of eating ramen all the time." Kyungsoo's face softened into an inviting nod - you let out a little breath, trying to relax and smiling at his comment.

"Thank you so much, ha ha, yes it's a little boring... well, I won't be useless. I can help, I know how to cook a bit." You said rolling up your sleeves.

Kyungsoo's eyebrows raised in surprise at your offer to help.

"Ok then, could you cut that onion?" He asked giving you directions.

"Yep sure. Like this or diced?"

"Diced would be better. Just hold the knife horizontally and cut."

"Like this?" You asked, beginning to chop the onion.

"Yes, just... here." Kyungsoo's hand held yours, moving your fingers, gripping onto the knife and cutting the proper way. You gulped, too scared to lean back and make the situation awkward. So you let Kyungsoo continue holding your hand. He was so focused on chopping, he must not have realised how close he was to you. His black hair brushed against your face while he leant closer, moving the knife along the onion...

"Oh Kyungsoo, you're cooking with Y/N-shi?" A voice popped out of nowhere, making you both jump.

You both turned to look who had entered the kitchen, only to see it was Junmyeon. He looked just as surprised as you both were.

"Oh careful!" Junmyeon said, realising you were holding the knife when you both jumped. You couldn't help but wait a few moments to steady your breathing pace before speaking.

"Yeah, Kyungsoo-shi invited me to have dinner with him and Jongin-shi... so..."

"She's helping me cook... would you like some?" Kyungsoo asked, finishing your trailed off sentence.

Junmyeon nodded in understanding, but then shook his head.

"Oh that's alright, I don't want to intrude. I'm going out to have some food... so see you, and have a good night." He said, bowing his head a little and leaving. Although, before he left, you saw sadness in his eyes which left you feeling very sorry for Junmyeon. Why did he look so lonely? You'd noticed before that the other boys didn't really talk to him, but maybe it was because he acted cocky at times? But it sucked, being alone all the time and being isolated... you had to do something... but talking to Kyungsoo about it was waaay to soon since you'd just started properly speaking to the boy.

"See you." You mumbled after Junmyeon as he left.

"Ok, stir in the carrots." Kyungsoo ordered, snapping you out of your thoughts.

"Yep sure." You replied stirring the carrots in.

The scene was so sweet. Kyungsoo reminded you of such a cute housewife bustling around, tasting the spaghetti and adding different spices in. He didn't seem very idol-like, but what you could sense from Kyungsoo by the was that he was so preoccupied in making the food. You realised just how much effort he put into everything he did, you were pretty sure he lived by the motto: "If you're going to do something, give it 100%."

"So, how old are you?" You asked Kyungsoo, out of the blue.

"I'm 17." You replied chopping some peppers up.

"Does that mean I'm the youngest in the dorm?" You asked trying to figure out everyone's age.

"No, you're the same age as Sehun and Jongin."

"Oh wow, I thought they were both you're age."

"Yeah, most people think that but no."

You nodded your head.

"Any siblings?" Kyungsoo asked, continuing the conversation.

"An older sister, you?"

"No, none." Kyungsoo replied.

"Oh I see, well I guess you've got 11 brothers now." You said attempting to make a joke.

"Yeah you could say that." Kyungsoo said, letting out a breath through his nose. His lips curving into a half smile, and that was when you realised that Kyungsoo had lovely plump lips - but why were you looking? You quickly put the peppers into the pan, trying to cloud out your thoughts by focusing on the smell of food.

"What exactly are we making?" You asked, looking at the pasta Kyungsoo was getting out of the cupboard.

"My own recipe, Kimchi Spaghetti." Kyungsoo replied feeling half confident and half embarrassed by his creation, unsure of what you'd say.

"Woah that's awesome! Gosh I love inventing new recipes so I'm glad someone else does too. I can't wait to try it now." Your stomach rumbled and you clutched it embarrassed once again. Kyungsoo laughed though, completely unphased by your embarrassment.

"So what do they normally put in spaghetti?" he asked, once he'd finished laughing.

"Parsley and Coriander. It makes it more Italian." You replied as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Oh, we don't have that here... I don't actually know what that is." Kyungsoo replied, intrigued by new ingredients.

"Well, next time I go to a supermarket I can look for it?" You suggested, still stirring the pot.

"Ok, that would be good thanks. I'll come with you so we can buy more ingredients."

You blushed, did this mean you would be having more than this one meal with Kyungsoo from now on? It would be nice to eat real food for a change.

"Yea, sure!" You replied happily.

"But our manager noona can't find out." You said, pressing a finger to your lips.

"Haha sure." Kyungsoo replied nodding.

"So, you're name is Kyungsoo right?"

"Yes it is." Kyungsoo nodded, you just wanted to make sure you pronounced his name correctly.

"And you're a vocal or a dancer?"

"I'm a lead vocal." He replied, it was nice that he didn't sound smug about it. He just shrugged his shoulders, telling you something like he'd said it a thousand times.

"How long have you been singing?" You asked interested.

"Gosh, I don't even know... years and years." He replied, feeling nostalgic.

"I loved singing, so I auditioned, and here I am... waiting to debut." Kyungsoo replied, looking content.

"Oh wow, I bet you're amazing. I'm very surprised I haven't heard you sing yet. Who's your favorite singer?" You pressed on.

"Justin Bieber." Kyungsoo replied without hesitation. Of course it didn't sound weird for a guy to love Justin Bieber in Korea, but heck, you liked his music too so you couldn't judge.

"Oh wow! Have you heard his new song 'Catching Feelings'?" You asked trying to contain your excitement.

Kyungsoo seemed to have a twinkle in his eyes as soon as you said that.

"Yes I really, really like that song." He replied, accentuating his point.

"Me too~" You squealed, the track played in your head and you couldn't help but him it, but your voice trailed off. Realising how stupid you must have sounded.

But Kyungsoo picked up where you left off, completing the tune. You looked at Kyungsoo, feeling so elated. He looked back at you, smiling with his large eyes.

"Wow, you must sing it for me one day." You exclaimed, clapping your hands together.

"Haha ok..." Kyungsoo replied, his ears turning pink.

You continued chatting with Kyungsoo, learning a little about his life and his interests. You found out he liked drawing as well as other things. And you told him about your life in the UK, it was fun comparing and contrasting your lifestyles...

"So, do you like living with twelve boys?" You asked serving the spaghetti onto 3 dishes.

"I could say the same for you?" Kyungsoo asked, redirecting the question.

"Yes I do, some of you are clean at least." You said, giggling a little.

"Oh, that's probably Junmyeon or Chanyeol. They're so messy." Kyungsoo replied, unimpressed and rolling his eyes.

"Oh, who are you sharing with?" You asked, remembering you had no idea of the boys' sleeping arrangements.

"I'm with Junmyeon and Jongin." Kyungsoo replied taking out cutlery to the table.

"Ah, I see... by the way, I wanted to say this sooner, but thank you - Kyungsoo-shi for sticking up for me against Baekhyun and Chanyeol..."

"It's ok. They really piss me off so I've wanted to speak my mind for awhile now." Kyungsoo replied, rolling his eyes once again and letting out a sigh before placing the plates onto the table.

"They are really immature and rude, but Jongin always stops me from saying anything to both of them." Kyungsoo sighed, pouring out water into glass cups for you, him and Jongin who would be eating.

"Sheesh, I only put up with Baekhyun because we have vocal training together and we'll be in a group together as lead and main vocal, but Jongdae is cool. Although he let's those two push him around, because he can't stand having someone dislike him-"

"Kyungsoo-ah I'm starving when is the-"

Jongin walked out of his bedroom, well, it was more like a strut out of his bedroom - he somehow managed to look like a model in that one moment. You couldn't help but turn away the moment his eyes met yours, he had stopped talking in the minute he saw you sitting down at the table - cross legged on the floor. Kyungsoo however, didn't even blink, which immediately made Jongin feel a little more at ease knowing he was alright with the situation.

"Sit down Jongin-ah, Y/N-shi's going to eat with us if that's ok with you."

"Yeah its fine." Jongin replied grabbing some chopsticks and immediately stuffing his face.

You tried to intense your muscles, which had tightened in response to seeing Jongin. If he was going to act nonchalant, then you should too.

You realised Jongin wolf down his spaghetti at an alarming rate, Kyungsoo was right that it was his favorite meal. You barely ate, watching Jongin with your mouth wide open in surprise that he wasn't choking on his food.

You pondered why this boy wasn't the size of a house, but then again all the dance practice could easily melt the fat off no problem. Besides, Jongin had some arm muscles that were evident from the tank top he wore, yes he was tanned, but barely - you were pretty sure you were darker than him.

"Stop eating so fast in front of a girl, Jongin-ah." Kyungsoo tutted, looking at you apologetically. You couldn't help but let out a nervous giggle.

"Sorry, it's just really good - well done Kyungsoo." Jongin mumbled in between mouthfulls.

"She helped - actually, Y/N-shi did most of it." Kyungsoo said, gesturing towards you. You sat still blushing once again, putting some spaghetti in your mouth in order to distract you from Jongin's reaction.

Jongin stopped wolfing his food down for a moment... thinking about what to say.

"Oh... it's really nice..." Jongin mumbled looking at you for a second, meeting your gaze before looking down again and eating his food once more.

"Th-thank you, but Kyungsoo, you showed me how to do it." You stuttered, why were you feeling so nervous around this guy? You noticed that he was probably the best looking in the bunch, maybe that was why you got flustered. You could see the potential with him - all he needed was a good hair cut and a makeover, like when most idols debuted - and he'd be, dare you say it, gorgeous.

There was an awkward silence, then Kyungsoo and Jongin talked a bit about stuff that you didn't really understand, they were more or less taking about trainee in-jokes and such. You decided to eat your spaghetti quietly until they stopped talking, you took this as a chance to get to know Jongin...

"Are you a singer as well?" You asked politely. Jongin looked to see who you were asking, then opened his mouth when he realised it was him.

"I'm a dancer." He said, waiting a minute to reply in case you would ask him another question.

"He's been dancing for nine years." Kyungsoo said, still eating his spaghetti slowly.

"Oh wow, you must be really good!" You exclaimed intrigued.

Kyungsoo nodded while Jongin shrugged, trying not to look flattered.

"What kind of style do you dance?"

"Modern jazz and ballet." Jongin replied, eating his food slower.

"Woah, so can you do things like pirouette?"

For some weird reason, Jongin began nervously laughing, his eyes disappeared in his smile, which was; dare you say it - adorable.

"Ha ha, yeah I can." He said, nodding and continuing to eat.

"Ohhh." Was all you replied, knowing you were not on that level to be able to ask him to show you.

"Have you got any family?" You asked Jongin, since you'd asked Kyungsoo the same thing earlier.

"I have two sisters." Jongin replied, finished Kyungsoo's food for him while Kyungsoo sipped on some water.

"Oh wow, I have an older sister." You replied once again interested in what Jongin had to say, but then again you didn't want to pry on his personal life too much in case you looked way too keen.

"How old is she-"

"-Jongin-ah, what are you-"

You looked up while the other two didn't bother.

Sehun walked into the room, he cut into Jongin's question, but then stopped talking once he saw you. His eyes met yours before he licked his lips and looked away, looking at Jongin instead.

"Eating, why?" Jongin said, slurping away on his spaghetti.

"You know we have training now." Sehun replied, sounding very bored of the conversation already.

"Ah yeah, I'll get my stuff. Thanks for the food." Jongin said, chugging down some water, nodding at both you and Kyungsoo, and getting up.

Sehun glanced at you and then looked away, watching Jongin once again. You didn't really know whether to say hello or not; so you remained silent, looking down at your toes.

Both Jongin and Sehun left after Jongin grabbed his shoes and said goodbye to both you and Kyungsoo.

You felt relieved knowing there was now less tension between you and Jongin... you liked making new friends.

You sat for a few seconds in silence after Jongin and Sehun left, sipping on some water and letting out an awkward cough until Kyungsoo decided to speak.

"So, are y-"

"-Kyungsoo-ah we're back! Oh it smells good in h- oh, Y/N-shi, you're here!?" Jongdae walked through the front door, walking in on you and Kyungsoo.

Behind him were Baekhyun and Luhan. Luhan's face lit up the moment he saw you.

"Oh Y/N-shi! It's so nice to see you out of your room! Does manager noona know you're here?" Luhan asked in Korean. He usually did when there were no Chinese members around.

"Hi Luhan, hi Jongdae... hello Baekhyun.... no she doesn't, but I ran out of food so Kyungsoo very kindly asked me if I wanted to eat some kimchi spaghetti, which was delicious." You said happily to see them.

"You helped me make it." Kyungsoo blushed, sipping on some more water.

"Ha ha, you just directed me." You replied, flattering Kyungsoo some more.

"Oh I wish I tried a bit, I bet it was so good! By the way, last night I was listening to that Diplo song Y/N, it was sooo good - the beat is great!" Jongdae said excitedly, watching your reaction.

"Oh I'm so glad you liked it!" You exclaimed, feeling so flattered that Jongdae liked it.

"Please whenever you have the time, show me more." Jongdae requested, beaming at you while he dropped his bag and Luhan sat on the floor near you.

"Y/N-shi, I wish there was some spaghetti left, I would love to have tasted your cooking, bet you and Kyungsoo cooking together would create something delicious - right Kyungsoo?" Baekhyun said, ruffling his hair and walking over towards you.

"Hmmm." Kyungsoo grunted rolling his eyes - you suppressed a grin looking at Kyungsoo, then back at Baekhyun.

"Yeah Kyungsoo, almost forgot; we have to go to vocal training now." Jongdae said, placing a hand on Kyungsoo's shoulder.

"Ok, I'll tidy up and then get my jacket." Kyungsoo replied standing up, Luhan stood up with him and so did Baekhyun.

"Don't worry about it Kyungsoo, you go, I'll clean up otherwise you'll be late-" you said beginning to grab some dishes and cutlery while you stood up.

"No, I'm not letting you clean up on your own-" Kyungsoo interjected, reached to grab some plates too.

"Really it's alright. You happily let me eat with you, this is the least I can do. I'll cook something next time and you can clean up ha ha." You said, trying to make him feel less guilty.

Kyungsoo looked at you unsurely, but his face eased into a grin when you requested to cook again another time, he looked down at the floor before looking back up at you.

"Oh, thank you." He said, slightly bowing and going into his room to grab his jacket.

"Yay, can I taste your food next time?" Baekhyun asked excitedly.

"Yeah, sure." You replied, it was nice that he was making an effort to be nice and forget the past, so you decided to entertain Baekhyun.

"I'll make something western you'll enjoy." You said, picking up the dishes and glasses.

"Ohhh can I tasted too? I love Western food." Jongdae said, picking up on Baekhyun's excitement.

"Oh and I'd love to try more Western food!" Luhan exclaimed, helping you carry some dishes.

"Thanks Luhan - yeah I'll make lot then." You said blushed; it was lovely how excited these boys were about wanted to try your cooking.

"Oh by the way Luhan, I'm sorry if it's rude to ask, but aren't you a lead dancer? Why are you going to vocal training?" You asked, entering the kitchen, Luhan at your tail.

"That's not rude it's fine. It's because I'm also a lead vocal so I switch to vocal and dance once a week I'm vocal training, next week I'll be with the dancers." He said placing the plates near the sink, switching to Mandarin because it was easier for him to speak.

"That's so cool!" You said, raising your eyebrows.

"I enjoy it." Luhan replied, shrugging his shoulders and smiling at you. You looked away for a second since you'd just realised how lovely this girly-guy's smile was.

"Luhan we have to go now-" Jongdae shouted from the other room.

"Ok! See you Y/N, have a good night." Luhan said, giving you a little bow before leaving.

"Have a great time guys! Oh also, here's some water - don't forget them!" You said, rushing to give their bottles from the fridge - you were a pro at this job now.

"Thank you." The boys uttered in unison, bowing slightly while you handed each of them a bottle.

"Bye!!" You waved at them before they walked out of the door.

You stood still for a few moments, bubbling with excitement at the friendship that was occurring between you and most of the boys.

But then you snapped back to reality, realizing you had a wonderful few hours of cleaning to do now. You turned around and got on with the dishes...



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