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Jin The Cop by 170cme "HELP HELP!" you scream at the top of your lungs. "Shut up!" Your captor yells as he presses the gun to your temple and placing a sweaty hand tightly over your mouth. Your hands are bound behind your back, the zip tie cutting into the backs of your wrists, getting tighter with each wriggle. "I want 50k or the girl gets shot" he says into a burner phone and you hear him cock the gun. "Why me" you think. "What did I do?" You think back to when you were taken. You were on a jog like you do every Wednesday. As you ran over the bridge into the park you feel someone's foot beneath your legs and you fall to the ground. A man gets atop you and everything went black. You woke up in a dark room with boarded windows, your hands bound, a gun to your head, and a man yelling into a phone. You return to the presant as you hear the man yell into the phone, "Thats it I'm gonna shoot her!" And tears start to stream down your face, no, you're not ready to die! "Someone please help!" you try to scream, but the force of his hand muffled your cries. Just then, when you think it's all over, the door gets busted down and it's like everything is in slow motion. He runs in, his fawn hair parted to the left side and bouncing in his face with every step. "He can't be a cop" you think as you admire him. He wears a light brown sweater with a white button down underneath and a bullet proof vest on top. Black skinny jeans on his slender legs and black converse. "No cop dresses like that". His hands are large, but still soft looking, even while carrying a large gun, but he doesn't use it. He tackles your captor and knocks the gun out of his hands. You fall back off your knees onto your butt. "He's so strong" you think as you watch him in awe. His backup takes the man out and he comes up to you. He kneels in front of you and look into your eyes. "Wow, he's really handsome" you get caught in his brown eyes. "Hello?" He says to you as you come back to Earth. "Oh, I'm sorry, what did you say..sir" you reply shyly. "It's okay, you must be really shaken up. I asked if you are alright." He says to you in the kindest voice as he pulls out a knife and releases you of your restraints. Massaging your red wrists, you reply, "Yes, I'm alright." He grabs you by the elbows and helps you to your feet. As you stand up you notice how much taller he is that you. With his arm wrapped firmly around you he walked you out into the light. The building was surrounded by police vehicles and an ambulance awaits you. He leads you to it and, you your suprise, he picks you up bridal style and sets you in. "Are you going you be okay?" He asks in a concerned voice. "Yeah, I think so" you reply meekly. He flashes you a cute, squints eyed smile and it takes all the energy you have left not to blush. "Here.." he hands you a small rectangular card. "If anyone bothers you, you feel unsafe, or you need anything else, call me." You accept the card and he turns away. You look at the card, it reads, "Kim Seokjin" and a phone number. "You ready?" A stern but empathetic voice pulls you from your fog. It's the parametic. "Oh. Yes sir." You reply as you sit back in the ambulance and the doors shut. "Wait i forgot to tell him my name" you think as you drive away.
hey guys! so I'm new to the whole "fam fiction" thing but my friend got me into it, here is the prolog to a fluff I'm writing about Kim Seokjin of BTS. I also plan on writing smut so if you're into that checkout my wattpad (also where you can find the rest of the story as I update it) username 170cme.