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You're at a conference for work. The big lecture is about to start and everyone is taking their seats in front of the Stanger. It's a beautiful winter day so the lecture is being held in the garden. Everyone has now found their seats and it's a full house. You look around you, like anyone would do, and you see him. Looking back at you. A gorgeous man sitting two rows in front of you and a few seats towards the right. His choppy fawn hair falling perfectly over his eyes. His profile shows soft checks flowing into a strong jawline. His black peacoat falls fittingly onto his broad shoulders. The way his head is turned back to face you shows off his Adams apple and neck. His mouth, the corners are upturned just enough to shows he's not mad and his lips are full kissable Then your eyes meet his and everything else fades into background, it's just you and him. His brown eyes pull you in. He's beautiful. He smiles and turns back around and you are brought back to the presant. Oh yeah.. the lecture. for more fanfic and imagines go home my wattpad