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Buggy the Clown
One Piece
I honestly couldn't think of any characters that got on my nerves per say.. I can think of a LOT that I hate but that isn't the same as getting on your nerves. The first and only character that popped into my mind when thinking of making this card was Buggy.
We all know that Buggy was the first major villain that Luffy had to face in the One Piece series. He was obnoxious and cocky and still is to this day. I have a VERY strong love/hate relationship with Buggy and always have.
He has really pulled through even making his way to be a Shichibukai! (Being friends with Shanks and all..that probably wasn't too hard a task)
But lets go back, hit rewind and touch on Impel Down. He "helped" Luffy along side his trusty mate, Mr 3 but Buggy has always been about himself and helping people only when it benefited himself. I guess that is why he gets on my nerves more than anyone else. When he was able to break out of the prison (thanks to Luffy) he even ran into Shanks and Law and unwillingly fetched Luffy's straw hat for him since he was unconscious (obviously) due to the trauma he had just previously witnessed.
So all in all, I honestly LOVE Buggys's character and character development throughout the series (much as I hate to admit). But Buggy obviously has something going for himself, seeing as Oda has stated in several interviews that Buggy is his most favorite character.
Until next time! I hope you all enjoyed.
Tagging the nakama..
Same! He's so annoying hahaha but the leader CP9 is five times more annoying to me lol xD
@KurosakiJess hey I enjoy a hard time anyways 馃槣 so calling me out makes me smile n laugh haha!!
Haha. I was just giving you a hard time. Hehe. 馃榿 and exactly!! He has his ups and downs! @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess sorry I saw it earlier and was like I so feel the same way haha!! But I was in middle of getting my haircut so o waited n forgot:/ haha but now I remembered!! Glad you stated me!! Yeah I can say buggy def has his major ups and downs, I laugh at him a lot but am super annoyed at him as well a lot lol. He does have such strong points when he has came through for Luffy and helped out the (good) guys haha!!
I can't believe @LuffyNewman doesn't have a comment!! I'm almost upset, haha. (:
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