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Keep in mind Saitama still hasn't even tried.... Serious punch is only like Mach 1 of saitama.. maybe even less..This happens with goku "trying" I still think Saitama is a higher being ... surpassing a gods status...
comparing brute force destruction as a means to say who will win a fight.. is invalid way to compete... speed, precision, reflexes.. etc. if anything call it a tie... because saitama full abilities have yet to be revealed.
@simplynick well u are right ...... but to me i only want Saitama to win because fans look at goku as the strongest even tho he is . I just find it as a good thing that someone is stronger then goku. even tho whis and beerus are stronger than goku I prefer a different character from a different series am done o3o
Saitamas true power has yet to be revealed
Saitama has no limit. The creator of opm has stated this before