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Moving on with Secret Of A Noona - Part 2: You Are My Everything

There comes a moment when a relationship can blossom or whither, it can either become heaven or hell.
It had been days since he sent her that text, only minutes since she finally answered back but still, it made him happy that she answered. He had to scold her for it. "Why did it take you so long. I was going crazy wondering. I was ready to fly to Japan to find you."

She could imagine him saying it in that pouty way. His bottom lip hanging down. It made her smile. "I'm sorry. I was busy from the time I got there until now. But I have time.

He ran into his room and locked the door. He didn't want anyone to see him. "I'll forgive you when you get back. When are you coming back?"

She wasn't sure if she should tell him she already returned. It was supposed to be a surprise now that she knew who it was that sent the text in the first place. She was debating.... debating.... debating.... "Can you come out?.... like right now?"

His cellphone buzzed. As soon as he read it, he jumped up. He couldn't believe it, is it what he thinks it is. He couldn't type fast enough, his hands were shaking, "Yes. Why? Are you going to meet me?"

He waited for what seemed like forever. He started to put his coat on. Then a text came.


He quickly texted back, "Banpo Bridge. South end." He stood there, biting his nail thinking of how to sneak out, then it occurred to him. He grabbed his car keys, opened the door, walked down the hall, and out the front door. No one said nothing to him but then he didn't see anyone on his way out, not even the manager hyung. It was like every one vanished. Maybe it was fate, this is supposed to happen... or he was just lucky. He knew it would take him 30 minutes to get to the meeting spot. He hoped she would wait, he was about text her when she texted him.

"I'll be there."
The one thing she never got around to was purchasing a vehicle. They were a lot more expensive than at home. She would have to save up for another year before she could get one. So for now, taxis, buses and the rails have to do.

It was a bit chilly out. She was shivering a little waiting for the taxi to arrive. Her thoughts went back to Japan. She tried to shake them off. Like Vegas, she hoped what happened in Japan, stays in Japan. But nothing happened, she was pretty sure nothing happened. She was going to wait until she got back to Seoul to contact the person that texted her but when he showed up at her hotel room, she knew then who sent it.

Two Days Before...

She was sitting on the bed, contemplating answering that damn text. She wanted it to be her little baby god but it could be her little dark god in the other end. There was a knock. She glanced at the clock, it was late.

When she opened the door, she closed her eyes and shook her head, when she opened them, it really was him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. Her little dark god grinned at her as he walked in, closing the door behind him.

He walked over to the window and closed the curtains, "Are you surprised? You are, aren't you?" He sat down in the chair sitting next to the tv, "I was hoping you would be."

"I am. So what are you doing here?" she asked again.

"We had some business to do here..." he started to say before being interrupted.

"All of you?" she said stressing All.

He smirked, looked around, "You have a small room but it's quiet."

"Answer the question."

"No, just me and another." he finally said. "Have you eaten, are you hungry? let's order something."

They ate, drank saké, talked about things, drank more saké, talked about that moment backstage, laughed, drank even more saké and.... and passed out. He passed out first, she remembers pulling him onto the couch, and then crawling over to the bed. Then she woke up the next morning, half naked, wrapped in the bed sheet, a note on the night stand.

Yeah, she was pretty sure nothing happened.

The Audience:
Waking up half naked from a drunken night....ummm yea pretty sure nothing happened *rolls eyes* lol
yeah,sure nothing happened.
Damnit Kai, make up your mind 😜