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Whoops made another card even though I said I wouldn't cx I'm sorry, I couldn't pass up the chance xD 1. Considered as a dark person. 2. Loves to laugh and smile. 3. Loves to make other people laugh and smile. 4. Very silly and attempts being mischievous. 5. Loves to dance, rap, and sing. 6. Loves to write fantasy stories. 7. Considers herself the villain in everything (others agree cx) 8. Very forgetful. 9. Head is always "up in the clouds" meaning that she doesn't usually pay attention to things. 10. Is mean, but it's like a funny-mean like a joking way. Never wants to actually offend anyone. 11. Enjoys drawing. 12. Is very shy and has mild social anxiety, but attempts being badass. 13. Gets louder and meaner when she's around her crush or someone she finds attractive as a way to get them to notice her. 14. Hates dramas (still watches k-dramas but makes fun of the characters) and romance stories. Basically hates the idea of love and makes fun of it. But still jokes around that every boy wants her (not true of course XD) 15. Is pretty closed up about her feelings and only shows her true self to people she really trusts (which is only like one person). Like how I talked in third person? It gives off kind of a mysterious vibe cx
@catchyacrayon I agree he was the only one who came to my mind
I see jungkook hmmm
I think maybe Onew of SHINee, Seokmin of Seventeen, Daesung of Big Bang, or Hyuk of VIXX
V - I think you'd compliment eachother well 😆
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