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So it's winding down. This is a short chapter and I'm sorry for that, I"m running low on creative juice! I wanted to get this out today before I couldn't! So here we go!
“I’ve been abandoned” Trinity said staring at Suga. He looked over at Namjoon who was alseep now. At some point he had dozed off as well.
“Do you travel?” he asked all of a sudden.
“Hmm, kind of. I do a bunch of road trips but never been out of the country before” Trinity said. “I have a list a mile long of places I want to go” she added.
“What top place?” he asked.
“Korea!” she said than laughed. “Next will be Sweden, or maybe Finland? Oh but I want to do Iceland” Trinity couldn’t make up her mind where to go next. “Those are the top three, Ari wanted to do Finland a few years back, she’s part Finnish which is why” she explained.
“Pretty places. Went a trip to Sweden and Finland” he said.
“Did you love it?” she questioned.
“It was an experience” he said than laughed. “Want to see picture?” he asked. Trinity looked at him. A slow smile spread across her face before she shook her head vigorously. Suga took out his camera and started to go through pictures, pointing out the ones he was in and saying which ones he got to take.
“Wait wait so most of these you took?” Trinity asked taking the camera from him to get a closer look.
“MY baby!” He said lunging to get his camera. Trinity couldn’t help but laugh as she handed the camera back to him and watched him craddle the camera.
“I like sky!” he said.
There were a decent amount of pictures of him making strange faces or the clouds and blue sky.
“It’s a pretty blue sky picture” she told him. “Where did you take the funny face pictures?” she asked.
“They not funny!” he said making her laugh.
“Oh yes they are” she laughed.
“I was on the bus!” he told her. “I did not act goof at the concert after that” he said sounding proud.
“Oh, okay” she nodded.
“Hey, random. What if you could never sleep longer then 5 hours a night But you could craft and control your dreams every night?” Trinity questioned.
“No more than 5 hours, that mean I have more time to practice” he thought about it seriously. Trinity started to poke Arianna. “Would you?” He asked her.
“More hours to be awake!” she nodded. “Plus I don’t sleep that much to begin with, at least this way I wouldn’t be tired when I woke up” she added.
“Arrii” Trinity poked her but she just moved and made a funny noise.
“Did she just snore?” Suga questioned. He leaned over the seats and poked her. Another noise came out and than her hand started to slap the air.
Trinity poked her in the side. Ari mumbled something before turning to face Trinity but her eyes were still shut.
“What did you say I couldn’t hear you?” Trinity said. “You know your missing these amazing pictures Suga took” she said. A mummbled reply came out of her.
My nap lasted a good twenty minutes! With the laughter and poking I couldn’t take it any longer. Sleep was of no avail.
*Back to Ari*
“What do you bloody want!” I moaned opening my eyes slightly and facing Trinity.
“What if you could never sleep longer then 5 hours a night But you could craft and control your dreams every night?” she asked.
“Wait you woke me up to ask me that?” I asked. “Do you know how much I hate you?” I narrowed my eyes.
“LALALALA I didn’t hear you” Trinity said covering her ears.
“I”m going back to sleep” I said moving to get comfortable again.
“No, you can’t sleep” Trinity went back to poking her. “Come on we only have an hour left before we land” She said. “If you can make it we can sleep when we get there” she told me. It made me laugh.
“Oh no, when we get there we’re going to the hotel and than explore! I have to be awake for it” I told her.
“Well than you missed your opportunity to sleep earlier when we all took a nap” she said.
“Ugh Fine. I’m awake” I told her. “What is it you want to do now that we're all up?” I asked her.
“Look at Suga’s faces” she grinned. I stared at her blankly.
“You want to stare at Suga?” I asked her. It made her laugh.
”The picture’s he took of himself making faces” she said.
So we both looked at his pictures, all 200 that were taken within a ten minute period. That boy could take photo’s!
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