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1. I'm 5'8 2. I love making people laugh^^ 3. I make people laugh without trying to..(sigh) 4. I'm extremely 4D 5. I love to write lyrics and music 6. I have played the piano since I was 7 ish? Still suck tho lol 7. I...can't dance 8. I love to sing! 9. I do boxing (fight me, jk plz dun...) 10. I hate being called cute-_- 11. I can't eat spicy food...Literally kills me 12. I usually sleep very late into the daytime but am up most of the night (nightowl status) 13. I am usually the person my friends go to if they need someone to just listen to them. 14. No one messes with my friends and gets away with it 15. I'm human. That's a fact don't judge me!
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as I read your list, first person came to mind was Jackson then Suga but I think TOP would be a better match. I'm not sure why but just a feeling. ☺
I thought of Jackson immediately!
idk jackson or chanyeol cause chanyeol is true to friends and funny and then jackson is athletic and true to friends
@NikkoNikole This ship is my favorite...Chanyeol is my bias😍