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Chapter 15 ************** I raised my eyebrow at Master N as he held up an outfit. It was leather pants with a gothic looking corset ad a pair of high heels. "You want me to wear that?" I asked him as he nod. "Yes and where is your manners. I am your Master aren't I. Once your my mate you will be able to talk to me informal." "Sorry Master N but may I ask why you want me to wear that?" "Because the guys and I are going out and I don't want you home alone. This will be our first outing with you all together. Now hurry up.  And don't make me put this on you because we will be in here forever and I won't let you out." He said giving me a smirk and a wink. I took the clothes and he left. I looked at them and sighed. I really had no choice but to put these sexy clothes on. I undressed myself and put on the tight leather pants. I tied the corset up tight. I went to my bathroom and put on some light make up and curled my long hair. I made sure my appearance was good looking enough for my Masters. I curled the last strand of hair and went to my room to put on the heels. "Starlight!!!! Are you ready?" Master Ken asked as he stepped through the door and saw me. "Wow you are--- wow" "Is it too much Master Ken?" I was nervous that it would be to much. "No no its not your very beautiful and will hold our reputation of the clan well." He said with a smile. "Now shall we, I'm sure N will either want to lock you up all night or try to kill everyone who tries to touch you. I think he will too have trouble keeping his hands off of you." He offered his arm for me and led me down to the main room, where all of them were waiting. When they saw I knew they had to do a double take at me. I could feel Masters N eyes travel down and up my body. "You look beautiful My Little One." He said coming towards me and stood close to me. "More like sexy then beautiful" Master Ravi muttered and Master N narrowed his eyes at him.  "Alright lets go" he said a few minutes after and we all went to the garage where they each got in a vehicle. Master N had his hand on my back as he led me to his car. He opened the door and I stepped in. He used his super speed to get in the car fast. He leaned over and buckled my seat belt and started the car. He drove out of the driveway in high speed. I could feel the adrenaline ran through my body as the car was in high speed. It brought a smile on my face as I looked out the night sky. I was in my own world when I felt something touch my hand. Looking down I saw Master N holding my hand. I could feel my face getting hot as I blush. "You look so beautiful tonight" he said while bringing my hand to his lips and kissed the back of my hand before rubbing his thumb over my nuckles and the back of my hand. I felt more calm when he did this. "Where are we going?" "We are going to a club. My brothers and I have business to do and I want you to stay out of harms way so you will be waiting at the bar. I'll make sure Xiumin will keep an eye on you."  He explained. We drove up to a building that had lights and people waiting in line to go in. I remember this building. It was the same building that Master Leo and I came too. Master N parked the car as my other Master parked next to him. Master N leaned towards me and pushed the button to release my seat belt. He was staring into my eyes as I stared back into his. He cupped his hand around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. When he pulled back, he smirked and gave me a wink before coming around and opening my door. "Stay by my side until I tell you not too okay." "Yes Master N." We started walking. Master N had is hand on my waist as we walked pass by the people waiting in line. Two imitating guys were standing gaurd of the door. "Kris, Sehun its lovely to see you." "Hello to you to N." One said "Who's this?" Another one said. He had blonde hair and had a resting bitch face. He had an lisp so his S's came out funny. "This is my mate." Master N said. "I'm Sehun" the blonde hair guy said. "I'm Kris" the other one said in accent that gave it away, that he wasn't from here. "Hello" I said to both of them. I could feel Sehun's eyes studing me. "N are you sure she's your mate? She doesn't smell like your mate." "She's my soon to be mate" he told Sehun as Sehun nod and they let us pass through the door. I could feel the music pumping through my body and against my heart. The room smelled like sweat and the temperature was hot as bodies danced against other bodies. Master N led me to the bar and made me sit. "Stay here and don't move. Got it. If you need the restroom tell Xiumin okay." "Yes Master N" I said. He gave me a peck on the lips. He walk to a guy and told him something before leaving with his brothers as girlish boy showed them the way. "What can I get you to drink ma'am?" I turned to the voice. There stood a guy that had a babish face. "Water please" he nod and made me a glass of water. "I'm Xiumin by the way. N told me to watch you." He told me as I nod. This wasn't my type a thing to do, so I sat back and watched everyone enjoying themselves. "Its nice to see you again baby" There stood in front of me was Jongin with a squishy guy and a guy that looks like a troll. "Its nice to see you again Jongin" "Oh so your the girl he was talking about that came with Leo. I'm Jongdae or Chen. This is Kyungsoo or D.O." the troll looking guy said. "Well it's nice meeting you. Xiumin I'll be back I need the restroom." I told him and he gave me directions to the restroom. I made my way through the crowd to get to the  restroom. I went in and did my business but what I didn't know was that a guy was standing there with a knife. He had a mask over his face and a hat on his head. His attire was all black. He stepped closer to me and stabbed me in the side and pushed me up against the wall. He turned the knife as the blood was pouring out. He took out a wooden stake and punctured it to my chest. When I slumpped down to the floor. My vision was blurry and ringing was going off in my ear as I watched the guy run from his crime. I was barely out of it when a lady came in the restroom and ran out to go get someone. I could hear faint yells as I black out. I knew that this time I was going to die for real.
That last part went 0-180 really quickly. It's good I just I was left with my mouth literally hanging open!!!!
@MelissaGarza because she's stupid
Omg! Wtf just happened?!!😨 Stabbed then staked and her ass isn't even a vampire! All shit is gonna hit the fan when N finds out!
When's the next update??
oh no! why did she go to the restroom by her self 😯
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