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1. I'm a People Person. I love And Care about People. 2. I Love Writing music. 3. I love Drawing. 4. I Love to Make people laugh. 5. I Love Creating Stories. 6. I'm Very Sensitive sometimes. 7. I Love Cartoons. 8. I Love Video Games 9. I Love going places. I hate staying at home all day. 10. I've Been told I'm Very Animated. 11. I Love being around Outgoing people. 12. I love singing. I just hate doing it in front of people. 13. I've been playing the Piano as long as I can remember. 14. I Love K-Dramas 15. I've Been Told that I act Shy when I first meet people, but I'm not shy. I just Want to get to know the person a little better before I act like my true self around them. And those are 15 facts about me. Who would you ship me with?
Totally Jimin 👏🏻
I wanna say Leeteuk from Super Junior ^^
Jimin from BTS🙌
Baekhyun from EXO