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Thank you @PolarStarr who shared the gifs!!! The funniest part starts at 4 min... I love adorable Jin and Kookie... Poor Joonie must have been worried... Go to YouTube it has subs... Idk if Vingle lets YouTube's cc apply here...
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When he said "RM it's not like that" 😂😂 IT'S NOT LIKE WHAT JIN??!! I diiied...
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@krin I think Kookie purposely stumbled or did a mock version of Joonie offscreen and Jin was rebuffing it!!!
a year ago·Reply
Ohhh hahahaha my mind went straight to the gutter 😂😂 @KokoroNoTakara
a year ago·Reply
@krin LOL yea I know how that is I am a big perv sometimes... This time tho it was the sounds offscreen that tuned me in on it... "RM's not like that" I took as Kookie mocking Joonie...
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@KokoroNoTakara makes sense lol
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