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Started my collection

Y'all I am so addicted like I must own them all help me.
He's so cute help me!!!
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@Bangtandoll the Japanese ones are so expensive but I don't care I literally need them all! Kpop is making me broke but I wouldn't have it any other way
@Bangtandoll monsta x rush secret version
They really are expensive. Amazon has some of the albums for okay prices.... If you want the photocard to be a surprise. Or want it in the original plastic piece....Some of the eBay prices are ridiculous. And then you have Yesasia and cdjapan but cdjapan has expensive shipping to the us. And Yesasia is just a little slow to here, they are still a bit expensive, and I have problems connecting any of my cards (prepaid, credit...) to pay on their website.
Im in the same boat though.... I almost spent $200 the other day on kpop. I didn't but at some point I'm going to finish my bts korean album collection and start on Japanese XD
What album is the second picture
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