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For anyone who didn't or hasn't watched this anime yet, DO IT!! Seriously it's a very interesting and beautiful anime about bonds and pain and friendship through sharing pain and feelings. When I first started this anime I already felt like it was going to be a different out of the ordinary anime, well it def was. Completely took me for a spin and I felt a lot of amazing understanding about how things can't just be forced to happen, they just happen because people try and choose not to give up!! Add it to the list if you haven't already watched and finished it NAKAMA!! Anime is Life!!
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Thank you very much for your honesty!! I definitely wanna try it out regardless! (: @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess of course, anytime!! I really hope you do watch it bc I'm sure you will enjoy it, the animation is amazing as well I love all of it!!
If you enjoy it, I'm sure I will too. @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess well that makes me happy 😄 I can guarantee you will then!!
on a scale of 1 to Fairy Tale, how much fan service is there? one of the instant turn off's for me is too much fan service.