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A bead of sweat rolls down the side of your face and your face beings to flush. He looks up at stares at you with a questioning look. “You okay?” He asks. The urge to lash out grows bigger. “Of course.”, you say through gritted teeth. “Really, cause your breathing-” “Deep, I know.” You quickly snap back, gripping the arm chair as your foot incessantly taps on the floor. He scoffs and turns back the book he’s reading, he flips through the pages mindlessly. Your eyes wander to the clock on the opposite wall. If only time could go faster you think to yourself. “Soo, can we go?” You ask your boyfriend. He spares one glance at you and turns his attention back to his book, “Soo, please.” You plead, with a slight shake in your voice. Kyungsoo removes his glasses, wipes the lenses and places them on back onto the bridge of his nose. “Babe, I need to finish this chapter, plus we’ve got time to spare.” “This is ridiculous,” You say,a current flows through your body making your fingers grip the arms chair tighter. He moves a hand to sweep a strand of your hair behind your ear, “What’s ridiculous, are you sure you’re not sick because you’re shaking and you’re breathing really hard?” You roughly move his hand away, “Kyungsoo, I swear …” You want to finish your words, instead a deep sigh escapes your mouth, “Soo, please.” Your eyes widen as he fiddles with the remote, the furrows his thick brows clearly contemplating on whether to put it up a notch. “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” He mutters quietly, just enough for you to hear him. You quickly latch onto his arm, “Please.” He makes sure to keep your gaze on his eyes, “Oops.” The increased vibration comes on in an instant, making you rock your hips against the source of vibration. “F-fuck you” You say in between breaths. Kyungsoo chuckles as he cranes his head close, stopping until you feel his soft lips brushing on the skin of your ear. “Not too loud, we’re in a library remember?” He whispers. “I know.” You say in a hush tone, slightly flinching at the sensitivity surrounding your ear. A small whimper leaves your lips following another as you mumble an incoherent word. Kyungsoo places a finger to his mouth, “Shh, I want to read my book in silence. You can be silent right?” “S-soo…I can’t,” You say stuttering as your legs begin to shake, “Ahhh, it feels so good.” You try to concentrate on keeping your voice quiet but the sensation currently occurring inside your panties overrides every sane thought you have. He runs a rough hand over your hair, clearing away the strands sticking to your forehead. “babe, I know but you have to be.” You nod, or maybe you don’t. Your mind can’t even process the situation, it was all too ridiculous.You’re sat in one of busiest libraries, the faint mumbling of college students serve as background music, they’re probably trying to squeeze that last drop of revision. But here you are legs wide and shaking whilst your boyfriend controls the vibrator that’s wrecking havoc. Quite the contrast to the students. How you got yourself in this situation? It’s simple. Twas the night before kyungsoo’s birthday and you were reading cosmopolitan whilst sipping on a mug of hot chocolate. You remember it clear as day, page 8 ‘How to surprise your man for his birthday’ and so you read, made notes and what not. One thing particularly stuck out to you - sexy time voucher- which allows kyungsoo three chances to fulfill his fantasies. The first one you couldn’t agree with. But the second one, yes. The public one. And that’s how you got yourself in this situation. “You’re doing so good,” He says placing a hand on your exposed thigh, making you shudder in the process. He runs the roughened hand up and down the expanse of your thigh, inching it closer until his fingers begin to disappear under the hem on your skirt. “hmm, it feels…” you start, your voice wavering as you say so. “Nice…good…too good?” You can only muster a nod in response, it’s too much you think to yourself. You grip the sleeve of kyungsoo’s shirt as you near your pinnacle. The moment he removes his hand from your thigh doesn’t even register. A small gasp escapes your lip when you suddenly feel both his hands gripping at your sides. “Come ‘ere,” He says as he lifts you and places on you on his lap. You’re entire body immediately melts into the expanse of his chest, breathing his cologne as you do. He moves one hand to push apart your thighs which you do without any resistance. “Good girl,” He says placing a kiss on the length of your neck. Your breath hitches, “Soo, I’m gonna cum.” Your back arches as your nerves fire up, the flesh of your body flushing as the vibration against your clit inches you closer and closer to. “We can’t be having any of that.” The vibrator is put into a halt, “No, no, no.” You cry out as the pleasure evades every single pore of your body. “What the hell?” You question Kyungsoo as your body goes limp against his in defeat. “It’s not fun if I just let you cum.” Soo says with a smirk you’re dying to wipe off, “Even you know that.” “I officially hate you, “ You say in a matter of fact voice. You wouldn’t mind if he stopped the vibrator way before, but the sole fact that he stops it right before you cum irks you. He places a hand to your jaw and directs your mouth towards his. He nips at your bottom lip making you gasp, he takes the chance and slips his tongue inside your wet mouth. You moan into the kiss as you tongues flow against each other, you move to suck on his bottom lip. There nothing more hotter than seeing Kyungsoo’s swollen lips…especially when you know you did it. He pulls away, in his wake a trail of spit links the two of you together. “Time for the main course.” He says biting his swollen lip. You rotate your body to straddle his, you chuckle lightly once you feel his bulge poking at your thigh.“My oh my, You’re already hard,” you palm the bulge and giggle as his face contorts slightly. “Stop.” He forcibly shifts your hand away from his bulge. “Keep your hands to yourself, honey.” He says whilst sliding his hand up your thighs until he reaches your panties. His hand delves and retrieves the little thing which nearly made you cum. “I’m pretty sure it’s got water damage, you know considering how wet you are.” His fingers rests against your clit, rolling the pads of his finger against the bundle of nerves. The sound of wetness makes you blush harder, the thought of some stranger hearing it makes your heart beat even faster. You gasp when he inserts two fingers inside you, fingers curling against your walls as he moves them in and out. You let him move his fingers out without any complaint, “Wait what are you doing.” You watch with wide eyes as his fingers reach his mouth, painting his lips with your wetness before slipping them between his lips. He locks your eyes in his unnerving gaze, even as he takes his finger out with a pop. “Yummy.” He comments. You stare at his glistening fingers before moving to engulf them in your own mouth, “Ah, that’s so hot.” he groans as your tongue glides against his fingers. He pops them out of your mouth and moves his hands to slide your panties off. You make a quick job of unfastening his buttons and moving his jeans downwards. Next are his boxers, at first you want to take your time with them but then you remember where you are. Anybody could wander to this section at any moment, even if Kyungsoo did say that the area is primarily secluded. Your fingers immediately pull down his boxers as his hike up your skirt to reach your waist, exposing you. “Let’s be quick, I feel like someone’s gonna come here,” you say. He nods before gripping your waist and slowly sliding you down until you feel the familiar poke of his head at your entrance. You release a choked gasp as he slowly lowers you down onto his shaft. You watch in satisfaction as he moves his head back, exposing his neck in the process. Might as well take a bite you say to yourself, your mouth latches onto his neck, nipping and biting at the skin. “You’re so t-tight…_______” Kyungsoo murmurs as he moves you down his pulsating cock, “Shit…” There just something about hearing kyungsoo moan or talk dirty during sex that gets you. His words hit you right in your centre, making you quiver against his cock. Your back arches as he increases the speed of his thrusts, hitting you in places only he can reach. “Oh fuck.” You breathe out when you feel his hand rubbing on your clit. Your hands grip tighter against his shoulders, it’s too bad considering he’s wearing his clothes, skin to skin contact is so much hotter. “_______…I’m close.” He says, adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he says it. You grind your hips against his thrusts, a series of groans and moans emit from him, “Keep doing that.” He continues the movement of his fingers on your clit, making your back arch. Your mind goes blank as you mindlessly move frantically against him. It’s not long until you feel your pussy clenching tight and quivering on his dick. “Argh.” He says through gritted teeth, his hips jerk until you feel heat filling you up. You both take in large breaths and stare at each other. He looks a mess, black stands sticking to his forehead, glasses lying askew on his face and already full lips looking swollen as well the patches of red painting against his skin. “So what chapter did you get to you?” You ask. He chuckles, “The bit where he fucks his girlfriend.”

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