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So, let's start off with some fun facts for our very dorky Leader-nim ^^
Full Name: Park Jungsoo Nickname: Angel (Because he was born while it was raining) Birthday: July 1, 1983 Birthplace: Seoul, Korea Height: 5'10 Blood Type: A
Favorite Color: White *note that he always wears white...even when we can't see it
-Leeteuk's first love was in 3rd year Junior High School
-Leeteuk wears eye glasses for fashion now since he had Lasik eye surgery ^^
-Leeteuk's ideal girl is 163 cm tall
-Leeteuk sleep talks
-Leeteuk was the first generation DJ with Eunhyuk for Kiss the Radio on August 21, 2006. He has since taken his spot back after Ryeowook's leave
-In reality, Leeteuk is very quiet, but appears to be very loud and energetic to the public
-Leeteuk has a dimple on the right side of his face when he smiles. *This dubbed him and Kang Sora the "Dimple Couple" during their time on "We Got Married"
@GamerKyumin gotta love SJ's leader
He's so goofy!!!
@Kpossible4250 I know (>.<)