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Today's a rather special day for ELF and Super's why... :)
On June 25, 2006, Super Junior won their very first music show award with the song..."U" So let's go and give it a listen!
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@MelissaGarza @sukkyongwanser I know...I hope they can keep on going :)
omg, 10 years wow!!! This is why they are kings in my opinion. Can we take just a minute to enjoy Heechul with long god he's beautiful with long hair....still today he looks gorgeous with long hair
@merryjayne13 I know! They've definitely made their mark :) Haha, he looks amazing in any hairstyle (>.<)
I can't wait until the 4 in the military now come home....but the last 2 will be leaving soon
@JaxomB I know! They're almost done! :)