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Kirito x Sinon
I can't help but to post this now I've seen so many kirito x asuna posts this needs to be posted
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I ship
a year ago·Reply
so fucking hard than Asuna
a year ago·Reply
I don't hate you guys, but I don't get why you push them as a ship
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@nicocoup, To me I feel that with most ships the two sword users always end up together and is there for over used I just feel that in this case kirito and sinon should get the chance to shine a sword user and a gun user ending up together would be better than the normal sword users ending up together
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@JacobRivas alright, so it's a reaction to cliches. However, as the story is written. It makes more sense for the two people who were placed in real danger for a prolonged amount of time to be closer.
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