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Heyyy guyssss I know this is soooo random. But I wanted you all to meet my baby girl Jimin!!
Here she is!! She has a long road ahead of her for recovery, but I will nurse her back to health!! She will become a beautiful cat. She was found on the freeway beside of her mom who passed away. 😒 My brother rescued her. And brought her to me. 😘😘😘 i will love her and be good to her.
aww how sweet of you! I hope she grows up to be big and strong!!
so cute!! I named my kittens Kookie and Suga haha!
@raenel @Tania538 thank youuuuu. N I most absolutely willl. Little Jimin will be spoiled. I hope she will get along with my other cat drè who is almost three. He witnessed his brother be ran over when they were kittens. N that is so sweet of you @raenel
she is so cute I just rescued a little white cat. I am going to take her to a no kill shelter on Monday.
@mbg3t I'm so sorry😭 I guess it was her time😳 I wish she would have been with the BTS fam a little longer
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