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guys!...... how did I not see it sooner? I'm truly broken hearted right now...
my friend in Russia send me this because she knows I love Xiao.. at first I did not really believe it so I started to investigate...
Then this morning I saw this at the Daum cafe official VAV site ... =( I can't believe it! also I'm very sad for him and his family, I know it must be very hard decision as he must leave his dream and friends to go to something he must do.
from the very moment I saw him, well no I did not like him I liked Jacob hehe but when I got to know them he became my bias.... it's crazy because my friend said she was really sad to see Ukiss after one member left, I did not really understand her much, but now I know what it feels like.

I will miss you sooo much!!!

all the moment's we watched you on tv and thought just how cute you looked...
the first time we saw you and thought you were the maknae....
but actually you are the oldest in the group... step one to being my bias
.......your voice, your presence.... I can't believe I won't hold your hand ever again....
I have followed this group since they came out last year, I've met them well over 5 times and Xiao is my bias... I just can't believe he is leaving! I feel kind of dumb for feeling stuff but I'm shocked and wow! just wow....
in the new promotion, they only show picture of the six! I was soo not expecting this I didn't even notice =(
!!!=( !!! I hope you are happy no matter where you go and that your dad gets better soon... I know you won't come back all together but I wish you could... VAV remains and we all hope everyone supports VAV even now after Xiao leaves. @destiny1419 @kellyoconnor @AnnaArai @alekxb5 @AliciaStransky @AmandaOwnbey @AnnieGoodman @ArielaPicazo @amandamuska @alittlejoy @armystarlight @AshleyAndino @ARMYStarlight @aliciasalinas @Angelblue @adikillerC @amobigbang @AlmaRangel B: @babrajan1 @bangtanella @BekiKunstman @Bitterlimelight @btsgotshinee @B1A4BTS5ever @BluBear07 @briannan C: @clovershadows @CocatolaOtaku @creetheotaku @CheyenneJessee @ChelseaJay @ChavaBerry @christianliu @CassidyRoush @sosoaloraine23 D: @Dabaesaplayer @dreemer13 @destiny1419 @DesireeChucklez @DreaG1518 @DulceOjeda @DayzC E: @exobts947 @elinwyatt @Elena166 @Emealia F: @funnelcakeboo G: @glo86 H: @herreravanessa9 @hyolouxx @H7zAngel I: @inuyashagal @ivyvega1245 @ImanLMamdouh @ILikeHisFace123 J: @JazzyJazJaz @JasmineWilliams @julissaMartinez @jasminewilliams @johnevans @justcallmekyki @JukiLove @JosiTorres @JadeNarine @JasminPerez @jiminsabs @jazgaara33 @JessicaFigueroa K : @krin @kyky97 @KatieRussell @Kpossible4250 @KellyOConnor @KeziahWright @Kpoplover20 @KpopGaby @kpopbunny9 @kpopandkimchi @Kyokeo @KPopFandom @Kyokeo @KathyCrew @kwaja @kmeier230 @krin @KokoroNoTakara L: @Lizzeh @locoforjiyong @lizanightshade M: @madandrea @minimonkey07 @Maddie27 @Michelleibarra @moonchild03 @mandynoona @mayracastro N: @nerdy3000 @NerukaWong @NicoleGoodrich @NinjaGirlEmber @nenegrint14 O: P: @poojas @PrettieeEmm @passthesuga Q: R: @Rhia @rosajlm2 @raenel @ryannkayla S: @SunshineChang @StephaniePoore @saraortiz2002 @seventeenbias @Sharong @shannonl5 @sarangseoitang @SunnaWalo @staceyholley @SusiBosshammer @SugaOnTop @skyrollins @StephersTaylor @squishyseokjin @SilentPianist @swimrocks05 @SierraBecerra @Simba14 @Stefany17 @SamanthaRae19 @SarangRavi @SkyRollins @sugakookie @StephanieDuong @sherrysahar @Sammie99522 T: @ToppDogg @TLeahEdwards @TiffanyBibian @tannyo @tinaechle @thePinkPrincess @thatoneoutcast @terratoyasi @TeaeraHarrell U: @UnnieCakesAli V: @VioletaDelRio @vyntnguyen24 @VKookie47 @valerie816 @vixenvivi @VeronicaArtino @vlargos @VIPFreak2NE1 W: X: @xsandos17 @xojuliettexox @XionHeart @xXYGXx @xxxtina Y: @YaehyungV
@Miichi true. AQ could've waited but I guess they have a timeline they don't want to change. 馃槖
@KellyOConnor I feel that they might have given him a choice to choose, getting into a group is a big deal and he would not just go, I think his dad is sick but aq wanted to come back when he had to go, which they could have just waited for
@Miichi It does seem out of nowhere and sudden. I hope he wasn't possibly forced to quit for some reason. *sniffle* Xiao will always have my heart but I'll still support the rest of our VAV boys.
@KellyOConnor finally someone that cares! =( he is mi bias as well and it just seams so out of nowhere you know? like if he had to go why wouldn't they have a comeback a little later instead? I don't don't get it, these things don't just happen, I wonder if he had no choice... I do hope he keeps his insta too
Soooooo sad! Xiao stole my heart and became my VAV bias. I'll miss him so much but you gotta do what you gotta do and family comes first. Xiao I'm sending you love and positive thoughts for your father to get better! *I hope he keeps his instagram*