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Okay, so he's been run over by trans-dimensional traffic, beaten up by both potential suitors & life itself, he's managed to get kicked out of both heaven and hell, and managed to get turned into a pariah on Earth, and like most things on the internet, is *nowhere near* as good-looking IRL as the pictures that are posted up all over the place of him making him look like a narcissist (all while he was unconscious in brain-surgery!) He's supposedly looking for the love of his life, but took a seriously wrong turn down a dark alley and did too many drugs... ***BUT HE'S *STILL* LAUGHING*** (Who wants some bottled maniac? Anyone? We'll start the bidding at 2 balls of pocket lint, and work our way up to diet soft drinks - maybe even some alcohol, if we're lucky! Seriously, how much does insanity go for these days? Price check on Isle 7!) Anyone else having a hard time finding Waldo's retarded cousin before he disappears again? (don't worry, he's tagged, tamed, and we think maybe a little brain damaged, but he'd make a great cuddle buddy if you don't mind a little drool!) We're hoping he'll be adopted into a nice family that will do him up like My Little Pony tying on ribbons and rename him "Sunny Muffin"... Any takers?
You guys suck for feedback! LOL 馃槀
Well that's a thing.
Er... one kinda "weird thing" though - and this goes out to those of you still hooked on gender templates; if you lades want to keep dipole (no pun intended), you might want to help attend the process (unfortunately, the new "male" template turned out as androgynous as me) - which is a sign the geneticists should understand; 1 retrograde turned out male & 2 became androgynous (the prime included) means the "weight" of biology is pulling away from gender polarities - which means use of extreme measures has been authorized @ the highest levels, and it's time for folks to dig into their tool bags & pull out all the old tricks... (please don't take that literally; no one wants to see 90 year old grannies on the street corner in stockings...) 馃槀
Well, in high altitudes, UV can get pretty intense (like about a couple 100x what you get in lowlands), and I'm about as Caucasian as it gets, but I've already been irradiated by the sun twice, so I'll just be using that as one of the vectors. Suffusing crystalline structures into human skin while retaining flexibility isn't going to be easy - it will take repeated interlacing to get the base right, and then several "breakings" to train the crystalline matrix where not to grow... Then there's the issue of which areas to keep... Er... "sensitive"... I wouldn't expect a female to undergo this process, and someone's got to do it to align our DNA with "cosmic/solar energies", or you all won't make it till the end of the ride... lol I had someone suggest black people would be better suited to it, but unfortunately, they don't have the immune system to handle it (they'd crystallize) - it's going to take an insane level of excruciating pain to drive the energy levels high enough to "attune" the crystal parameters - a process not dissimilar to symbiote bonding, but slightly different; technically, I'll be "creating" an "echo" of my being into the crystalline matrix (kinda like psi-armor meets battery/amplifier) ...and yeah, basically I'll have to disclaimer it with, "Don't try this at home, kids!" 馃槀
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