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Okay, so he's been run over by trans-dimensional traffic, beaten up by both potential suitors & life itself, he's managed to get kicked out of both heaven and hell, and managed to get turned into a pariah on Earth, and like most things on the internet, is *nowhere near* as good-looking IRL as the pictures that are posted up all over the place of him making him look like a narcissist (all while he was unconscious in brain-surgery!) He's supposedly looking for the love of his life, but took a seriously wrong turn down a dark alley and did too many drugs... ***BUT HE'S *STILL* LAUGHING*** (Who wants some bottled maniac? Anyone? We'll start the bidding at 2 balls of pocket lint, and work our way up to diet soft drinks - maybe even some alcohol, if we're lucky! Seriously, how much does insanity go for these days? Price check on Isle 7!) Anyone else having a hard time finding Waldo's retarded cousin before he disappears again? (don't worry, he's tagged, tamed, and we think maybe a little brain damaged, but he'd make a great cuddle buddy if you don't mind a little drool!) We're hoping he'll be adopted into a nice family that will do him up like My Little Pony tying on ribbons and rename him "Sunny Muffin"... Any takers?
You guys suck for feedback! LOL 😂
Well that's a thing.
Er... one kinda "weird thing" though - and this goes out to those of you still hooked on gender templates; if you lades want to keep dipole (no pun intended), you might want to help attend the process (unfortunately, the new "male" template turned out as androgynous as me) - which is a sign the geneticists should understand; 1 retrograde turned out male & 2 became androgynous (the prime included) means the "weight" of biology is pulling away from gender polarities - which means use of extreme measures has been authorized @ the highest levels, and it's time for folks to dig into their tool bags & pull out all the old tricks... (please don't take that literally; no one wants to see 90 year old grannies on the street corner in stockings...) 😂
Well, in high altitudes, UV can get pretty intense (like about a couple 100x what you get in lowlands), and I'm about as Caucasian as it gets, but I've already been irradiated by the sun twice, so I'll just be using that as one of the vectors. Suffusing crystalline structures into human skin while retaining flexibility isn't going to be easy - it will take repeated interlacing to get the base right, and then several "breakings" to train the crystalline matrix where not to grow... Then there's the issue of which areas to keep... Er... "sensitive"... I wouldn't expect a female to undergo this process, and someone's got to do it to align our DNA with "cosmic/solar energies", or you all won't make it till the end of the ride... lol I had someone suggest black people would be better suited to it, but unfortunately, they don't have the immune system to handle it (they'd crystallize) - it's going to take an insane level of excruciating pain to drive the energy levels high enough to "attune" the crystal parameters - a process not dissimilar to symbiote bonding, but slightly different; technically, I'll be "creating" an "echo" of my being into the crystalline matrix (kinda like psi-armor meets battery/amplifier) ...and yeah, basically I'll have to disclaimer it with, "Don't try this at home, kids!" 😂
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Looking at Gas Camping Stoves? Consider These Tips
If you're looking at gas camping stoves in readiness for a bumper season of getting out into the great outdoors, it's a good idea to look at the size you'll need, depending on your needs of mobility and how many people you'll be cooking for. solo stove bonfire rust In New Zealand most run on LPG, which is considered to have the hottest heat, is economical and relatively safe. If you're staying in one place for some time and plan to be cooking it's a good idea to take a good sized, ready filled canister with you so that you can stay out in the wilderness without needing to make emergency trips back into town - so the freshly filleted fish can be cooked to perfection. LPG is also good to use as it's reliable in a range of weather conditions. For anyone who's ever been camping in New Zealand before, you know that's got to be a plus, as you want a hot meal even more when the skies open up. For most campers two or three burner gas cooking stoves are the most optimum. A single burner is great for those who need to consider extreme portability and is good for the solo traveller. Look for one that comes in its own casing and includes its gas canister so that you can pack it all away safely when you're moving camp. It's not just the number of burners you need to look at however - it's also how much room is provided for the pots you'll need to cook with. If they are very close together, then you'll find it hard to put two things on at once, so test out the size a little when in store. You might want to find one that has one element bigger than the other so you can fit a large wok or fry pan along with a smaller saucepan for rice or pasta. If you think it's likely to be windy where you are staying see if you can also get a screen to protect your cooking and gas supply. If that seems like an unnecessary extra, then putting it behind the chilly bin might help block the wind. Some of the cheaper gas camping stoves can provide a heat that is a little unevenly distributed. If this is something that may drive your chief cook to distraction, ask your gas camping stoves retailers to tell you which ones are known to provide the best results. Kiwi Camping Co. Ltd. was brought to life by Allan Murray on 6th August 1987, born in the basement of his home where he manufactured five models of tents and a small number of backpacks. Allan envisioned a company that would create products to serve the unique camping needs of kiwi families and reflect the enchanting nature of the kiwi camping experience
Jimin, J-Hope & Suga Meme Madness Monday!!😂🙌🏻
Hello ARMY!!🤗 Today is meme madness Monday here in the BTS community! We also start Jimin week today!! I forgot to post for J-Hope & Suga the past two weeks. So I will be putting them together with Jimin’s card! Enjoy! 💜 ❤️ 💜 Omg😂😂 *credit to the owner’s of the gif & memes* ❤BANGTAN ARMY TEAM❤: @Yugykookie97 @Mochiroon @QueenPandaBunny @MelissaGarza @kpopfan88 ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska  @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul  @gabstar143  @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG  @ifitnessvn @Ilovephases @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @JJiBin @jiminiebae @jkenshayla @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929  @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @kpopfan88 @Kyla05 @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rebeccariley52 @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @soobak @Starbell808 @szewwy @Taekookimonster  @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha @jkenshayla @Kpoplover2016 *Let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged from the tag list*
Expectations are partners to our emotional natures. Even in stillness and silence, they swim around on the surface of our subconscious mind, inspiring us toward lines of thought which feed our fantasies, our fears, and our imaginations. Unfortunately, these are also the roots of consciousness and thought, even though they stand in complete opposition to logic and reason, thereby creating the inherent differentials that allow our minds to grow and change allowing individuals to evolve into the myriad of special and unique beings that we become. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realms of performance (on any scale), and in the theatre of the emotion we call love. Desire exists perpendicular to these concepts, and is a primal vertical logic designed to be used as a springboard into experiences that open up opportunity to experience and mature in our ultimate relationship with acceptance, without which true love cannot grow into true virtue... (which, like a sick game of Chutes & Ladders, will drop us back into our primordial expectations at the first window of opportunity). *BUT* as conscious beings, we have a choice whether to be swallowed up and consumed by them, or greeting the hardship as a new opportunity for self-understanding and self-mastery. Next time you are alone with your own thoughts, take a moment and take stock of your expectations of... well, everything. Think (no matter how our emotions seek to overwhelm your thoughts) about how Acceptance can be applied to them in various ways; namely, how to broaden your definitions of acceptance and how to broaden it's application and use. Patience and tolerance are more than mere virtues. Sometimes they are traits necessary for survival, but other times they can block us from developing in ways that may help us move forward. But move forward we must... Love or bust... LOL! Can you think of any particular situations (that you feel comfortable sharing), where your expectations led you into a "whiplash effect", and left you with no route but acceptance? Could you find it in your heart to share them? These days, you might just save a life imparting such wisdoms... Reach out the long hand to each other, and let's help pull each other up out of the funk, one heart at a time, neh?
6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students
In the times of modernisation with the ease of access to the internet, it has become quite tiring for the students to concentrate on school. This usually happens because of the prevalence of distractions such as scrolling on Instagram for hours at end and watching YouTube videos. Their concentration on schoolwork has become divided because of social media. If students want to achieve success, then they must learn to prioritise their schoolwork. But the question is, how can you make that possible as a teacher? Several students’ mindset towards success is achieving higher grades. While for other students, it may mean incremental participation in sports activities or other leisure activities. Teachers can help their students attain full potential, regardless of their goals and the way each measures success. Every student is unique and entertains different IQ levels. Some students possess the capability of understanding fast and memorising long chapters in a relatively shorter period of time while others have fewer skills to understand complex material effectively. In a school or a university where students with diversified mindsets are enrolled to gain an education– a teacher or a professor must learn different styles of teaching to cater to students belonging to different backgrounds. The slow learners or students with meagre IQ levels need extra attention. It is mandatory for the teacher to especially accord those students with extra time. Moreover, the strategy of punishing students for their academic flaws is quite old-school and would rather deteriorate their performance. This is why, as teachers, you must look for otherwise strategies. In this guide, we will share with you the 6 best strategies to get the best performance of your students. 1. Set High Expectations Conceive and cultivate an academically conducive environment in your classroom. This can be attained by setting high but achievable expectations for your students. Professional teachers push their students and motivate them regardless of their poor performances in the past. Along with this, a good teacher praises their students and works as a source of power and encouragement for them. Tell your students, “you are smart, and you can achieve this.” This may not work like magic and you can’t expect that your students instantly improve their performances – some students may take a while, but know this, every student wants to be told that they are smart and can achieve the best grades. If a teacher punishes their students and acts as a deterrent, telling them, “you cannot do this.” It will ultimately have a direct impact on their performance making them deteriorate even further. Also, that would demotivate them bringing their performance on a zero level. 2. Establish a Classroom Routine One of the factors that stagger the performances of the students is having no classroom routine. A classroom routine is as essential as teaching. A classroom with no scheduled routine results in undisciplined students, especially young students, misbehaving – which directly impacts their studies. One of the key ways to help students behave and concentrate on their studies is to establish a rigid classroom routine. Maintaining a classroom routine is no easy task, not even for the teachers with decades of experience. To be able to attain a compelling classroom routine, teachers should follow an outclass procedure that implements the necessary classroom ethics at the start of the school year. These procedures, if structured well can allow students to focus and concentrate on studies along rather than getting distracted. 3. Practice the 'Daily Fives' A popular norm that revolves around the teaching practices of many professional teachers boasting decades of experience is that they undertake five daily routines. In the academic world, this routine is renowned among many professional teachers. The routine reiterates; taking part in the same activity for 5 minutes in the opening of the class, and vice versa at the end of the class. The activities undertaken during these periods can be as simple as talking to your students of their interests, talking about a new movie released, or their favourite game. Once you have undertaken this routine, you must reiterate to your students, “It’s time to start now, take out your books.” If you are consistent with this activity, chances are high that it will become second nature to all your students. Moreover, in this way, students will be following a more systematic routine and know when to socialise among peers and when to concentrate and study. 4. Continually Grow in Your Profession Professional teachers enhance themselves by constantly studying and working on their shortcomings. Various studies and researches are constantly undertaken regarding professional teaching methodologies and released yearly Teaching is a dynamic career, and it is ever-changing – as technology advances, teachers must progress as well. Stay updated with the latest information regarding teaching using online journals, or join any workshop, and read ample books. These will enhance your teaching style and would make you communicate with your students better. Consequently, this will result in increased student’s interest in studies, and greater success. 5. Motivate your students Only a few teachers would not accept the fact that motivated students don’t yield impressive results. According to various studies, students who are keen to learn often end up absorbing more. This is why it has become mandatory for the teachers to learn some skills that boost the motivation of their students. Shared below are some tips to attain to motivate your students. · Plan ahead of taking a class and plan what you’d teach. And what will you discuss with your students in the class? · Heed the strengths and weaknesses of your students, pay attention to those who are weak. Praise and further motivate those who are strong. · This is more of a psychological tip. If possible, change your class’s room into a U-shape room, this makes it easier to make direct contact with your student. · Always vary your teaching styles, ensure to teach with presentations, demonstrations, group studies, and other ways. · You must revise whatever needs to be edited with your students. Put briefly, do not leave your students with piles of work to finish at home. Instead, you must be with them and help them review their objectives. For instance, if they need nursing essay writing help you must guide them and clarify all the requirements. 6. Vary Your Instruction Professional and skilled teachers learn various teaching types, as not every student is the same and each student's intelligence rates vary, so the teaching methods must also be different for all students. When you have different teaching techniques, there are a lot of chances that the performance of your pupils will improve. Instead of mastering just one teaching method, you must take a grasp of many teaching styles. In this way, your students can better understand your lectures and attain greater success. Both inexperienced or experienced teachers would improve with the aforementioned strategies. If you find any loopholes in your teaching methods, try opting for these tactics for a successful academic career of your students. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 10 Best Free Games in 2020
Cuộc Sống Sâu Gạo Vạn Vạn Tuế
Thể loại :Ngôn Tình,Huyền Huyễn,Xuyên Không,Trọng Sinh,Nữ Cường Tổng chương : chưa rõ Tình trạng:  Qua tháng 4/2020 mình tiếp tục hoàn thành truyện nhé! Văn án: Có những người không nuôi chí lớn, chỉ thích bình bình đạm đạm. Sâu gạo thì đã sao. Đâu phải cứ muốn là có thể làm được sâu gạo đâu!! Người khác xuyên không, phải làm nên một phen sự nghiệp. Người thì trọng sinh, cứ giảo phong khuấy vũ. Còn ta, ta không cầu chinh phục thế giới, ta chỉ muốn làm kiếp sâu của ta! - ------------------- Mỗ nữ nào đó có một ước mơ rất đơn giản Có công việc ổn định, đồng lương ổn định là hạnh phúc rồi. Dường như ông trời không hiểu nỗi lòng mỗ nữ, kiếp sống làm trạch, làm sâu gạo kết thúc từ lúc gắn liền với viên đá Định mệnh. Làm bà chủ nhỏ, nhà tài phiệt, có mặt nàng. Làm nữ hiệp sỹ cùng quần hùng tranh đấu, có luôn, ghê gớm chưa? ... Mỗ nam nào đó cắn răng, nhả từng chữ như rít qua kẽ răng "Tóm lại... vi phu là chồng thứ mấy của nàng?" Mỗ nữ không để ý vẻ mặt người bên cạnh đang đen lại, khó hiểu trả lời "Tất nhiên là thứ nhất rồi, chứ chàng muốn thứ mấy?" ... Mỗ nữ buồn bực ý kiến "Sao thiếp thấy... mình thực giống heo nái quá!" Mỗ nam khó hiểu, sờ đầu nàng an ủi "Sao nương tử ví von kỳ lạ thế?" Mỗ nữ mở to mắt nhìn kẻ ra vẻ vô tội trước mặt kể tội "Chàng không thấy hài tử chúng ta có thể lập thành một đội bóng rồi đấy... không phải chàng muốn thiếp sinh hết trứng mới chịu hả??? Mỗ nam thầm nghĩ, ừ đúng vậy nhưng không dám trực tiếp nói ra, tiếp tục dỗ dành nương tử "Nàng thấy đó, nơi này chỉ có gia đình chúng ta và đại ca, đại tẩu. Một mai chúng ta già đi rồi rời bỏ thế gian này... khi đó, bọn trẻ sẽ cô đơn lắm... Mỗ nam tỉ tỉ, tê tê, mỗ nữ lòng thả cảnh giác, cuối cùng... hài tử nàng sinh ra không chỉ lập được một đội bóng mà đến hai đội bóng mới kết thúc hành trình sinh con dưỡng cái...
Game of Thrones and Anthropology
This article by Rex at Savage Minds (easily my favorite anthro blog these days) has once again got me thinking about the ideas of stories as socialization. Namely, he focuses on the story of Game of the Thrones, and the phenomenon that has come along with it. The GoT story is complex and very real: violence, sex, death and more are common aspects of the show, and it's still adored by hundreds of thousands of people each episode. The characters of the show are show to have huge implications on history: the way they change and act affects not just them but lots of other people. The words they use, the stories they share, all have huge implications within the show, and viewers accept this complexity. Not only that, but the show also shows complicated systems of kinship. What can the acceptance of this plot tell us about the American public? First, Rex makes an incredible point: it tells us that they can understand complexity, even in violence. Why is it that the news socializes Americans into thinking about war as a battle between good and evil: there can be no neutral parties when it comes to Iraq or Afghanistan. It's us or them. But GoT shows complexity: there are various groups and difference dynamics affecting the ways in which the violence turns, and viewers accept it. The viewers have been conditioned into understanding its okay, just as Americans have generally been socialized into thinking that every war is a war between good and evil, right and wrong. The stories the news tells us teaches us one why; why not try to teach it a different way? Game of Thrones, surprisingly, has done just that.