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Thank you so much for created the great Drama FAITH...I'm so sorry that you have to find this hard way. Rest In Peace Kim Jong Hak sshi...
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@mheekell, you're right...he made our Lee Min Ho so manly and very cool in Faith drama.
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Condolence to Kim Jong Hak's family and friends. N we agree with @mheekell , thanks for making Minho the Star of Faith. We minoz support Faith.
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Thanks for making Faith one of a great Kdrama. May u rest in peace.
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Faith is an extraordinary story , even it's a fantasy ,has a strong body , with enchanting characters , a brilliant-genial directed and script .An addicting cinematographic complex ,which plant in viewers the desire to re-watch it over and over again ! The role LMH-shi create ,even better build ,is overwhelmingly enthralling ,complete , showing super-intelligence ,power , charm , friendly , wisdom ,and faith of cause ! He was perfect and I consider this character one of reference in all k-dramas and international ones ! He create a legendary hero similar with great ones from Greek mythology !
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My deepest regret for the immense loss of a genius director , who reach the end of the tunnel in such a tragic and gloomy way ! For Korean and international cinematography !
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