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This is for the people that think Im not a true Fairy Tail fan and who think I only post for likes and all that other stuff..

I FREAKEN LOVE FAIRY TAIL! Ever since I began to watch Fairy Tail I was hooked not because it was funny, cool, or exciting.... but because of the love, trust and hope they bring out in one another! The way the fight for what they believe in impacted me so much everytime something emotional happened I cried.. funny moment I laughed... a happy moment I was probably the happiest person from all of the characters! Fairy Tail makes me feel like I have a family even though I do know it's not real... It just makes me feel awesome! And for someone to message me saying "You're nothing but an attention seeker, a fake and not a real fan of Fairy Tail breaks my heart... It hurts even more because there are probablymore people who think that of me... So even after all of this.. I hope you realize what your words did to me because yea I probably could've brushed it off but I couldn't because what was said really hurt me.. but I want you to know..

That just like the Fairy Tail members... I will keep on fighting! I will keep on believing! I will keep on smiling! And I will keep on loving! Because that's what Fairy Tail is about and I freaken love Fairy Tail! And I will never stop loving it too!

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@JasonLSR Thank you 😊
Amen to that ❀
Fairy Tail is my life. I've cried my heart and soul for this anime. You can't sit there without shedding a few tears for Fairy Tail because it hits you right in the heart with the feels..... Fairy Tail is Love, Fairy Tail is Life πŸ‘†