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 WARNING: Dragon Ball Super spoilers ahead In June 2016, the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super began. An evil threat named Goku Black (also known as Evil Goku or Dark Goku) arrived on Earth in Future Trunks’ timeline to cause havoc. Trunks fought back, but was unsuccessful, and found himself back in our timeline after many years. The month of June will conclude with episode 49 of Dragon Ball Super, “A Message from the Future – Goku Black Invades!”. In Episode 50, our hero Son Goku assumes his position to take down this new, evil threat. However, Goku Black isn’t taking Son Goku seriously. Why?! We aren’t sure. Beerus and Whis notice Goku Black’s ring, a time ring. Originally only the Kai were able to use it so how is this item being utilized by Goku Black? We’ll have to find out in an all-new months worth of episodes of Dragon Ball Super! Take a look at the July 2016 schedule below. July 03, 2016 Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 – Goku vs BlackJuly 10, 2016 Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 – Mai’s Feelings Transcend TimeJuly 17, 2016 Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 – Gohan and Future TrunksJuly 24, 2016 NO EPISODEJuly 31, 2016 Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 – Expose Black’s True Identity Note: The title of the episodes are subject to change.