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*I don't know what Juniors grandma's name is so this isn't actually based off of his actual grandma, or relationship with his grandma. * Alright onto the story....I hope you like it! continue reading? Part 2
I had been at my job for 2 years and never ever thought I'd find someone through one of my deliveries because I never cared to be in a relationship so I never thought one day could change me. There was this little lady that I just adored. I only got to see her once a week but we'd talk for 20 mins and catch up with each other. She was my favorite. I had gotten used to her always being home alone that when I went to deliver to her and a young man answered the door I was surprised. "Hi I have a delivery for Arlene." I said to him. "Come on in." He said holding the door open for me. I walked past him. He had an amazing voice that just kind of threw me for a loop. "Grandma your medicine is here." He yelled over me. "Oh (y/n) I'm so happy to see you. You can meet my grandson finally. Junior say hi this is (Y/N) she is such a ball of joy." She said walking into the room as fast as she could. "Nice to meet you Junior." I said holding out my hand to shake his. He glanced down and shook mine. "Yea nice to meet you." He said and walked away. Man not very pleasant. "Arlene I've been so excited to see you I have some big news." "What is it." she sat down at the table. "I got into the college I wanted...and because I did so my parents are letting me take a trip where ever I want." "Oh congrats deary. Where do you plan on going?" She asked "I don't know yet. I always wanted to go to Japan or America." "You should go to America. Japan is closer so it's cheaper when you go America isn't that cheap." I turned to Junior. He was standing in the doorway. "Thanks for the input. You are right with Japan being closer so it be easier to get there." I smiled at him. Then for the next few minutes we talked about her week and then I sadly had to leave. I sad my goodbyes and left. I almost got to my car when I heard my name called. I tuned towards the voice. "What's up?" "Thanks for talking to my grandma." "Trust me I love talking to her. She's always so lively." I smiled "Yeah she is a fun lady." "Yea...well maybe I'll see you around" I unlocked the car. "Maybe I'll see you next week." "Are you going to be visiting again?" "Yea I think I will." "Ok then maybe next time you join the conversation instead of standing in the doorway." "You saw that?" "Yeah but hey you were being shy. Your grandma has talked about you a lot and so she said that's your normal thing at first." "Ok then I'll be in the next conversation. " I hopped into the car and went back to doing my other deliveries. When I finished work I instantly called my friend Jenni and discussed where we would go. We both agreed on going to America but now was the time to figure out when we wanted to go. The next week came quickly and I couldn't wait to have my weekly chat with Arlene. I knocked on the door and waited. The door opened and there Junior was. "Hi (y/n)" He smiled "Hi Junior" He moved and let me in. "So don't be shocked." I turned to him. "What do you mean?" I asked but before he could answer I heard Arlene and turned back to say Hi. "Arlene what happened to you?" I was in shock. She smiled at me and sat down. "I fell off my daughters porch over the weekend." I was upset I walked over to her. She had a black eye and her eye was red. She had a bruise on her chin and her arm was wrapped up. "What did you hit?" "Just the concrete...I got stitches here." She pointed to her arm. "I'm so sorry." I started tearing up. I didn't like seeing her like this. She still was just as lively as before but I just wanted to cry. We finished our chat and I started leaving. I got in the car and started crying. She was such a trooper. I rested my head on the steering wheel and just let the tears flow. I heard a knock at the window and wiped my tears away and then looked up. It was Junior. I rolled down the window. "What's up?" "Can you step out of the car?" "Why?" "Please." I did as he asked and once I got out of the car he hugged me. I froze for a second but then hugged him back. "I'm sorry." I began crying again. "It's ok. You really care about my grandma don't ya?" "Yea she's one of the few people I enjoy seeing every week." I was finally calming down. "(Y/N) I don't know if this is weird but I want to give you my number." "Why would you give me your number." I looked up at him and froze. I was too close to him and being this close I couldn't hide how attractive he was. I lightly pushed away from him. "That way I can invite you to her birthday party and give you the address." "Ok that's fine. But I'm sure I'd have to give you my number to do that." I smiled making him blush a little. "That's what I meant." He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. We quickly exchanged numbers and then I hugged him one last time. "Thanks for the hug I really didn't mean to cry on you." "If you ever need a shoulder to cry on you can call me and I'll come to you anytime." "That's sweet of you." my phone started ringing. "I got to go but I'll see you again sometime." "Alright bye" He waved and walked away and I answered my phone and got in the car.
I love this picture of him....God he kills me!
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