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Normal POV: It's been a week in Korea and we finally have a place and jobs. I love the freedom I have gotten. Megan isn't always dragging me around with her so I can explore on my own. I went to my job. I loved it. I delivered food. At first it was hard since I didn't know Seoul very well but I've gotten it down. I love that I have seen all around Seoul just by working. "Sarah I have a delivery for you... It's to this address." He said handing me a paper and then he got close to my ear..."Its Big Hits Entertainment." "Ok... I'll be back soon!" I said taking the food. I started biking towards my destination. I wonder who ordered food....There was enough for several people. I got there within several minutes. Biking through Seoul was amazing! I grabbed the food and walked to the door. "Hello... I have a food delivery." I said to the lady at the front desk. "Ok..." she got on the phone and then talked to me again. "They will be here in a minute." It really wasn't that long until someone came up to me. "Please follow me." He said and I walked behind him. We walked to a room and he opened the door for me. I walked in to 4 guys. I recognized one instantly and kept my head low. Seriously was this some yes you think he's cute so you get to see him but don't think any other thoughts. Its torture. "Hello" "Please give them their food." The guy who brought me here said. I pulled one order out and read off what it was. "That's V's" said the guy "Um... who's that?" I asked and they all looked at me like I was crazy, except one....I think he realized it was me. V raised his hand and I set it in front of him. "Sorry." I whispered and he smiled at me and said "It's ok...just surprising." Again I had this problem with the other two Jin and Jimin. Once I gave those two there's I went and put Jungkooks food in front of him. After I set it down he grabbed my hand. I looked at him and saw that he was already looking at me. "Want to join us?" He asked... What?!?!? Why would he ask me that???? "I can't....I have to go back to work." I said quietly "Oh" is all he said and he let go of my hand. "Alright let's go I'll pay you on the way out." I walked away and followed the guy. He paid me and I told him I would return for the plates later and to leave them outside. I left the building and got on my bike and went straight back to work. Jungkook....hmmmmm.....he was starting to grab my interest. NO!!!!!! He's a celebrity...I can't fall for him!!! I can be a fan and that's all....right.... I thought about it all the way back to work. Jungkooks POV: We had ordered food and when the person walked in I didn't think much until I heard that they didn't know who V was. It had to be her. I was looking at her now. Who else wouldn't know us? I waited for her to give me my food. Once she set down my food and was about to walk away I grabbed her hand and she looked at me. I wanted to know her...and before I could stop myself it spilled out. "Want to join us?" What am I say? The manager is going to kill me....I could tell she was confused, but she declined and went back to working. Once she left the room the guys started asking questions. "Was that the girl from last week?" Jimin asked "Yea." "Wow she really doesn't know us...that's actually refreshing." V said "Yea she is very interesting...." "Well I'm going to eat I'm starving" Jin said diving into his food. We laughed and ended the conversation on that and enjoyed the food she had brought us...I'm going to wait till she comes to pick these up tonight. Normal POV: "Don't forget to get all the plates before you leave for the night." "Ok I'll go now." I said and started going to all the places I delivered to. The last one was Big Hit Entertainment, I saw the plates and started to pick them up, when I felt like someone was watching me. I quickly grabbed the plates and turned around and bumped into someone. I started to fall back but they put their arm around me and pulled me close. I looked up at the person. "We need to stop bumping into each other." "Jungkook!" "That's me...I've been waiting for you to come back." "Why?" "I don't know...I wanted to talk to you." I realized he was still holding me and the plates were all on the ground. "Would you mind letting me go? I have to pick up the plates." He let me go and watched me pick up the plates again. I set them in the basket on my bike and turned around. He was right there. "Woah..." "Sorry too close...." he took a step back. "Jungkook." I don't know why I said his name but it gave me this funny feeling in my stomach. I know his fans call him that and they all probably felt this feeling. Saying his name was nice.... "Jungkook." I said again I just looked at him and saw him smiling....that smile could kill. "What?" "Um.... Nothing sorry.... So you waited for me to talk? I thought you would be super busy." "Well I pretended to get sick to get out of work today...I....Had to see you....and talk to you..." He blushed a little. I don't know why but my feet moved on their own and I took a few steps forward so we were close again and my hand went to his cheek. He had smooth skin. He looked at me and we made intense eye contact. His eyes.....I could probably get consumed by them if I kept staring..... Of course everything on him was perfect....he was a he is a human he has flaws but to me he looked pretty close to perfect. While keeping the eye contact he finally spoke. "I can't forget you....I tried." I didn't know what to say. He continued to talk. "Can't you give me a chance? I know it'll be hard but...please let's try. I want to be at least friends." Boom not what I was expecting. Wait did I want him to ask me out? Did I want to date him that badly? No.... no he's famous he has to date someone famous.....but friends....that couldn't be a bad idea.....right? It's only for a few months...where's the harm in that. I finally took my hand off his face and broke the eye contact. "Ok." I said "Wait? What" his face lit up "Ok let's be friends." With that we exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. I finished up work and was walking home when I got a text. JK: Hey what are you doing tomorrow? ME: I'm off of work tomorrow hadn't thought much about it. JK: Ok were going out tomorrow...and bring your friend as well. ME: You sure????? She's a little crazy lol JK: Yea I'm bringing the guys along she'll love it. ME: ha-ha ok ...... ....... I arrived home smiling. Megan was home already. "MEGAN!!!! We're going to hang out with some guys tomorrow." "What? Really?" she said running towards me. "Yay my dream of meeting a Korean guy and getting married is coming true." "Ha-ha yea these ones I don't know if you'll ever get to marry one....but who knows..." "So who are they?" "It's a secret but you'll love me." "OK!" "Make sure to look cute... Also who did you say was your fave from Bts?" "Oh it's hard to choose I like J-hope the most though." "Really? Not Jimin?" "What can I say I like Rappers." "Didn't you say Suga was a rapper? Why not him?" "I mean Suga is great but he seems too mean at times....but maybe love would change him....." she was really thinking that over. "Ha-ha ok." ....... ....... I sent a quick text. ME: ok we are a go! What time? JK: let's meet around noon ME: where are we going to meet? JK: let me tell you later...I'm going to talk to the guys. ME: Ok sounds good....I'm going to head to bed but still send me a text when you know the place. JK: Ok will do. ME: Goodnight JK: Night <3
I had to share kookie being adorable...but him hiding Behind the sign was too he kept playing with it gaaa anywho what do you think so far???? Where are they going?
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