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Why is liking big boobs so wrong? Guys will agree and girls will disagree. Leave your thought below.
Liking boobs are not wrong . Its just a natural thing . But just being with a girl for their boobs is wrong .
there's nothing wrong with liking some boobs hell even girls like other girls boobs 馃槒
There is definitely a percentage of guys that like "plot" and a lot of it, however there are some of us that have more of a "southern" taste. Gotta say though a mixture of both is probably the best for a physic. (In my opinion anyway) But you know it's more about how they click with ya that really matters. If you can honestly look them in the eye and think, yeah that person right across from me, they are worth anything in order to keep them in my life. Then honestly that all that matters.
i can agree with you on some level, but in that 2nd pic its titled what girls thinks guys like....thats what i like lol boobs are awesome tho. im a @ss man sorry.
Nothing wrong with a guy's personal preferences, as long as they don't go after girls just because of them. I honestly have like a mid-sized chest, but I think that is mainly because of my French blood. thankfully I don't have to worry about guys hitting on me because of chest size, but I do have to worry about ones that like a bigger butt or thighs, so I normally just wear long baggy shirts. this solves a lot of problems that girls have with people staring. But most girls wear skimpy clothes then complain about getting stared at and it's just like. wtf guys will stare if you show skin. it's just so stupid how they think they can wear stuff like that and expect guys not to look. I'm done ranting now. lol 馃槄
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