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Honestly im upset at myself.
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when i said "i wasn't raised like that" i mean i find current music and dance moves stupid, drama is obsolete, being immature is childish unless with friends. Yea im not the perosn rn to plan to go see a movie with. I rather sit game, draw, read, and study
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then since you're shy and I guess calmer then mousy teens the old fashion letter in the lockers should work for you
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@KimmieSama haha my school doesn't have lockers. Look, it's great advice and i appreciate it but i dont like anyone right now. Like are there potentials sure but thats it. Have options ya know?
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the common throw a letter at her desk(lunch table) and walk away thing works (for a meet up later) harder to do but yeah just suggestions. you know just in case in the future.
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