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It's funny when I think about it. I've known my guildmates for more than 4 years, and we're still together in different games. The first being Celes Arca English, since beta to official, right down to when it closed for good, through fights and internal drama and the sort. Somehow through all these years, we still manage to find refuge within our guild, whenever real life hits us like a total train wreck. We jumped to newer, more stable games. We stay up all night, bracing the different time zones, just so the veteran guildmates can help the newcomers. We all have ambition, we all have careers, we have our own families, but still, we can't deny we have this everlasting bond that just keeps bringing us together. I drew this a year ago, with accurate height for all the players, just so it would feel more real. I had doubted what we had was real. But in the end, I knew. I always knew. Even if we never held each others hands before. Even if we can only hear each other's voices through the phone, and see each other through the screen. I always knew, they had always knew. That we are family. And we have lived up to our guild name. Invulnerable.