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Check out @EXOGlobal's Tweet: https://twitter.com/EXOGlobal/status/747118484601987073?s=09 You gotta admit, Yixing looks so cute as a baby and still looks good when he's in old age. Tagging my Lovely Vingle Buddies: @PrincessUnicorn @SarahVanDorn @Lexxcisco @Tigerlily84 @cutebabylay @BabydollBree @sherrysahar @SimplyAwkard @carrillojuana @clandrea170
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@sherrysahar I just love him to bits!!
@kpossible4250 lol mee 2 its not fair hahhas he is not my bias but I ordered 2 exo albums nd for both I got him and he is such a precious angel <3 nd my unicorn <3 its exactly like the saying is coming true for me lol u don't choose ur but ur bias chooses u. ;)
@sherrysahar Aw snaps!!!!!!! I wasn't trying to find one in EXO. It just happened
He really looks the same just tinier in picture 3 but his smile in picture 2 is so sweet!
omg he looks exactly the same if I saw him as a child I wouldn't let him go omg.