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All the things Kyungsoo has told Baekhyun
Shhhh....Baekhyun let Kyungsoo speak
When Baekhyun spreads his love to Kyungsoo
The famous "SLAP"
I just really had this urge to post a card on Baeksoo's Love/hate relationship. Even though we've seen D.O hit Baek or Baek tease D.O, they still adore and love each other~~
I'm a big Chanbaek shipper!!! But Kyungsoo is being so sweet!!!!! :))))
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I remember on one of the interviews Baekhyun wrote to Kyungsoo saying how he wanted him(D.O) to keep hitting him so he(Baek) could keep teasing him
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@EmilyPeacock Yup I remember it too I think it was on exo cast
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did D.O just switch sides cause he knew one day Kai would leave him for a girl. lol and Baekhyun what's going on you just gonna cheat on Chanyeol like that
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