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Alright guys, today, we are going to talk about a very important topic: TRUST
Trust is one of those things that many people overlook. When you think about it, trust is the cement that hold the walls of the entire relationship. I mean, you wouldn't be friends with someone you wouldn't trust, let alone be in a relationship with them, right? Of course not! And frankly, if you are are friends or dating someone who you can't say you trust, then they aren't who you say they are.
From my personal experience, I have both been betrayed by someone I have trusted, and I've also betrayed someone who trusted me. Both sides suck. And the thing with trust is that it can never completely be rebuilt once it was broken. And that's not even up to us! No matter how long time passes or what the other person does to make up for it, deep within our subconscious, the pain and hurt from the betrayal will always be there, and it will come out as an incentive to fight during another time.
I once had a friend who I considered to be one of my best. We would talk all day and sometimes even all night with her usually falling asleep on the phone. Obviously, I trusted her with all my heart, for I had no reason not to, and she trusted me just the same. It wasn't until one fateful night when that all changed. Honestly, I was devastated. In my mind, I wasn't worth much to her if it were that easy to break a promise. She tried to fix it, and so did I, for I wanted to badly to be able to trust her again. Unfortunately, it did not work out. We don't talk anymore and the way things are right now, I wouldn't mind if I never saw her again.
Trust is our ultimate tool. We decide who to give it to. We decide who is worthy of it. We decide when to take it away. A good friendship starts with trust, and a good relationship survives on it. Without a doubt, no matter how much your significant other loves you or you them, or how close you are with your friends, the one thing that can make or break you is trust.
IMHO people retract their trust too easily these days for (what is often made up crap) in their own heads, leading to an actual loss of trust that would have been there had they given it instead of abusing it by expecting it... πŸ˜• (jus sayin)
(correlate - damn spell checker) lol
@Dynamo Yeah, but that's where trust & maturity don't always correlare, unfortunately. Some people can be mature, communicate, but still not trust. Others can communicate & trust, but aren't necessarily mature. Then you've got the ones who are mature & trust, but then don't communicate, and lastly, the ones who aren't mature, don't trust anyone and won't shut the f#€k up... πŸ˜‚
@StarRainTearBow You're right. I, myself have lost trust due to stupid reasons and had people lose their trust in me just the same. But as mature individuals, communication is the key and we should do our best to resolve everything before it escalates for the worse
I love what you said about it being horrible on the side that breaks the trust too. I feel like people forget that the person who screwed up can also be filled with guilt.
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