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[A/N]: I'm sorry this took so long to update - i have been having major writers block due to depression, i didn't feel motivated to do anything for a while .After this update i have like five more request to do , so please bare with me. I wanted to get this out the way first.Now being that my birthday is next Saturday ( I'm turning 17)I'm probably just gonna sacrifice sleep like I did for this and just work on them and have them published by Friday. So that's a plus for you guys. But I do want you guys to understand this is my first smut ~ so if it's bad you can tell me but understand this is my first time writing it 😂.
As Okasian kisses me, we both grow a desperate need for each other. He slips his hands under my shirt while kissing me still, as he begans to fiddle with my breast. I try to refrain from moaning but it slips out a little.
" You like that don't you ?' he says passionately with lust in his eyes,' I promise to make it up to you and that i will never leave ever again."
He grabs my shirt by the hem and pulls it off, leaving me shirtless. He starts to kiss me on my neck moving down to my chest and then stomach, each time nibbling a bit leaving bruises. He began to kiss down towards my womanhood. He stops at the hem of my underwear and kisses me on my inner thighs. He pulls them down and throws them who knows where. He kneels down and starts sucking on my clit. He then inserts his tongue in me causing me to gasp.
"Okasian!" I moan grabbing a handful of his hair , trying to push him in.
He gets the hint and starts thrusting his tongue deeper and faster. He inserts a finger in and starts fingering me at slow pace, getting faster with every moan he heard. He continues to thrust both his finger and tongue into my womanhood as I start to become a moaning mess.
" Okasian-ahh I'm gonna cu-"
"Oh no you don't, not on my watch" he says starting to unbuckle his pants. He picks you up kissing you heavily, as his tongue starts to ask for entrance. He then rubs your womanhood making you moan as he takes the chance to dominate your mouth with his tongue. He starts to strip stopping the kiss for a minute to take his shirt off. He then positions you on your back and spreads your legs open getting ready to enter you. He grabs your thighs as he starts to enter you. You don't cry in pain being that this isn't the first time you and Okasian have fucked, but this is different from the other times, this was more passionate~ gentle even. He thrusts into you slowly making sure to not catch you off gaurd.
"Okasian could you stop being such a tease " you whine just wanting him to make you feel good.
He pulls out and then Rams back into you making you moan so loud the neighbors probably heard. He starts to fasten his pace grunting with every thrust , while you become a little moaning mess from the euphoria you began to feel. You start to feel tense feeling in the pit of your stomach as you reach your climax. You can tell he's nearing his too as his pace becomes irregular. Your walls to start clench around his member as you reach your orgasm causing him to thrust even harder then before.
"Okasian OH MY GOSH" you scream hitting your climax.
"Babe I'm gonna cum soon"he moans.
He starts thrusting and faster then before as he cums inside of you riding out his high eventually pulling out.
"You idiot you didn't have condom on . " you yell at him.
"Guess will be starting a family soon then " ,he says with a smug smirk on his face, " let's just get to sleep" as he covers the both of you cuddling to sleep.



@LocoForJiyong you're thinking about that ~ I'm thinking about how hard he's going in the last gif on this card and laughing to the point my head hurt, I'm crying, and I can't spell cD
Is it bad that the whole time I read this all i could think about was how tiny okasian is .....😂😂😂😂😂 I'm a horrible person...not even gonna tell you what I pictured
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