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Chapter 17 ************** ~ N P.O.V~ Before going to the house. I went back to mine to change my clothes and get my Ninja Kawasaki. I threw my leg over and started the bike. I revved the engine and speed down the road. I had the street memerized before I left the house so I knew where I was going. Pulling up to the house. I cut the engine and got off the bike. I walked up the drive way and rang the door bell. When the door opened. I quickly slammed the person into the wall. "Work with me and I will spare your life. If not you can kiss yourself good bye and welcome yourself to the grounds of hell." I hissed through my teeth. He looked into my eyes and what I didn't expect was a high charge of electricity shock go through my body. "Pft yeah like I'm going to do what you tell me to do." He picked me up by my jacket and dragged me across the floor. "My lady, we have a visitor!" He said while taking me into a room. "Master N, what a pleasant surprise to see you. How's your little mate? I sent her a preasent, did she get it?" She said. She was wearing a see through long dress that was black and lacey. Her hair was wavey and tied up. I managed to get up after I recovered for the shocks from the guy. "Jacob you should've showed no mercy towards him." "I'm sorry Jacob is still young and doesn't know what he's doing. I apologize." She said making her voice sweet. The more she talked, the more I wanted to kill her. "Enough Anala. Cut the sweet act." I hissed between my teeth. "Sweet act? What sweet act?" She said. She was on her mate's Ace lap. Playing with his hair. "I'm going to make you pay for what you did to my little one." "Yes your poor little one, you want to know what I wanted from her. I wanted her life. She got everything what I want. Her looks, the way a guy would look at her, her brother. She had her ways but what did I get. I got ungrateful parents that sold me to a damn ass vampire who never loved me. When I got with her brother and saw how perfect her life was. I wanted that, instead of being forced into a bond against my will!!" "I killed my parents, my old mate, her parents, her brother!! I did it to satisfy my revenge for my parents!!" "Wow who knew jealousy can tell the truth." I said. "I am not jealous!!!" She yelled. "I'm sure you are." I stated and with that she got off of Ace's lap and came to me. She punched me with all the force she had. It was enough to send me into a wall. I got back up but was electrocuted again by Jacob. I looked like I was havng a seizure on the floor. But it stopped when Jacob was tackled on the floor. I was picked up by my brother. They both gave me a nod. "Aww how sweet the whole family is here to die." She said. "Shut it bitch, the only person who's dieing tonight is your ass. Leo said. "Boys!!" She said and they got ready to fight. One of them actually evolved into a wolf. When he was about to charge another wolf came out of nowhere and attacked the wolf. This wolf was unknown to me and my brother but he was on ourside. I saw Hyuk took Jacob and the other just got whoever. I looked to find Alana but she disappeared. I looked around the room to see the back door was open. I knew she went to the back. I smirked and walked out the door. I sniffed the air and found her sent. I used my super speed and caught up to her. I knocked her off her feet and into a tree. "Why run away when you can fight?" I asked her. What I saw in her eyes was a flash of fear and scared." "Please I'll do anything just please don't kill me!" She plead. I leaned up against her. I tucked a strand of her hair. "Silly pathetic girl you are. Haven't anyone ever told you to be careful of what you wish for. You want to do anything for me?" I asked her as she nod her head fiercely. I smirked but I knew she a has a plan up her sleeve. I stepped back as she stepped forward. "You think you can trick me? Well come on give it your best." I told her with my arms wide open. Every blow towards me, every roll on the ground, every tree we shattered, I finally had her in my hands. "Say good bye Anala" I whispered in her ear and snapped her head off as I tore it off of her body. Her lower body slummed down to the ground and I tossed her head next to her body. Taking out a lighter. I lit her clothes on fire and stood there to watch her burn to hell. The only place she belongs to. I walked back to the house to see it as a bloodbath. There was shredded bodies all over the room as the blood pooled around our feets and walls. "Thank the Ancestors that this is over. My opponent wasn't a good fighter." Hyuk said. "Yeah that's because you can forsee the future." Hongbin said while pushing Hyuk. "Yeah well what about you Mr. I Can Read Everybody Mind?" Hyuk asked as Hongbin laughed and shrugged. I stood with my brother as we talked and blew the house into a fire. We wanted to burn every evidence of us and them. Don't need the cops knocking on our door. When walking to the front yard the wolf was sitting there. We stood in a line infront of him. He shifted into a human body. It was a man. "Thank you" he said. "Thank you for everything." "Who are you?" "Zeke Hwan" "Why did you help us?" I asked him. He looked me in the eye. "She was my killer to me and my parents. I didn't die, well I did but a group of rogues were near the accident that they changed me into one of them to save my life. I knew that she would go after my sister if I didn't stop her." "Wait your Mina's mate?" I said because I put the pieces together. "And if your Mina's mate then your sister is my little one" It made sense now. "My sister? Is she okay?" He asked worried. I shook my head. "She was attacked and actually we need to get going now." They all nod and we headed out to save my love.
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I love the twist! I'm glad that bitch is dead!
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