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Whats up guys, John here. Minzy, who left her girl group 2NE1 earlier this year, is finally taking time to establish her solo career. She has already revealed to have signed a contract with Music Works. This agency also hosts other artists like Baek Ji Young, Yoo Sung Eun, and Song Yoo Bin. According to a Music Works representative, Minzy is currently working to choose her first solo album concept. She has not decided on a date for her solo debut but she is preparing to find a style that fits her perfectly. The represenative said, “She is surrounded by lots of music from different producers and working hard to find songs with her own color. She is not discriminating between any dance or ballad genres. She is taking slow but steady steps towards her new career.” Credit to article here
I gotta support her
I don't like that she left 2NE1, to be honest, but she's doing what has to do. As long as she's staying true to herself and doing what's best for her, I'll support her. ☺
I can't wait. Support all the way!
I totally support her can't wait for 2ne1 & minzys comeback!!!!!
Super stoked