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Part 13 _ * _ * _ * (Junior year in high school now) It's been almost a year since Yoongi and I started dating and we've of course gotten closer but... it doesn't feel the same at least to me. I don't know what happened but I haven't been feeling the same, it's as if I'm falling out of love. Nah, I'm probably just having an identity crisis I mean I still don't know what I want to be in the real world, I'm just rethinking literally everything. It'll be fine once I pick a freaking path for my life. "Are you listening?" "Huh?" I questioned looking at Alex. "Oh my." she rubbed the bridge of her nose in annoyance. "Okay, pay close attention." I nodded my head. We had most of the same classes this year so we could still hang out. We were all in the same homeroom again so we could all talk in the morning to catch up. I only had two classes different from Yoongi so we still got to see each other everyday which was great. "We are joining a club this year, okay?" She said very slowly to make sure i was actually listening this time. "Why would we do that?" "Because!" she exclaimed. "Because why?" "We never have anything to do after school anyways so why not get credits and have fun at the same time?" "Sure, whatever. Which club?" I waved her to continue. "Photography, dance, drama, or student council." "We can't dance or act and we aren't exactly roll model students." "Photography, perfect!" "You already signed us up didn't you?" "Yep." "Of course." I rolled my eyes and looked to the front of the room as our teacher entered. _ * _ * _ * It was the last period of the day and I shared it with Jimin, Yoongi, and Alex. We got to pick our seats so we all stayed close together not really caring to make new friends. "Jagi~!" Yoongi slipped behind my seat, resting his arms on my shoulders and his head near my neck. "Yes?" I smiled a little but the contact didn't have as big of a impact that it used to... "Want to go to Eun-bae's party tomorrow?" Eun-bae was this year's party person, it was different every year like last year the one I met Yoongi at was hosted by a kid named Ji-Nam. "Do I have to?" I whined. "Of course!" Alex and Jimin cut in. "Because-" Alex started before I cut her off. "We're in 11th grade and need to get out more, blah, blah, blah." I exaggerated my hand motions to get my point across. "If you know the answer don't ask, sweetie." she patted my head before sitting down beside me. "Well somethings you should." Jimin chirped in. "Like what?" Yoongi asked. "Sometimes you just need to hear things from someone's mouth directly..." He thought for a minute before adding, "for closer." "Ah, Jiminie is getting smart!" I exclaimed clasping my hands together. "I've always been smart!" he defending causing us to laugh. "Ahem!" We heard someone clear their throat so we turned to the front. "Could you all quiet and sit down?" The teacher stared us down. "Sorry!" We all said. _ * _ * _ * 'And it's raining.... perfect. Hope it rains heavy tomorrow.' I sighed in the school lobby facing the doors watching it pour. Alex, Yoongi, Jimin and I forgot our umbrellas... and we had to wait for the others to hurry up and meet up with us. They were taking forever. "YAH!" Alex screamed throwing her hands in the air while pacing around. "WHAT IS TAKING THEM SO LONG?!?" She squatted down placing her head on her hands. "Fuck it, I'm walking, let's go, Y/N!" she walked towards me grabbing my arm and pulled me outside, making a run for it to her house since it was closer. We were both out of breath and soaking wet when we entered her house. "Damn...why did you pull me with you?" I huffed trying to catch my breath. "I need to talk to you..." she took a deep breath hold a finger up signaling me to wait. "about your relationship with Yoongi." she finished as i followed her to her room. "What about it?" "I'm your best friend, I can tell when you're faking. Did something happen between you two?" I huffed out a small sigh. "No..." I thought a little before continuing. "It just doesn't feel the same... like I'm not in love anymore. But at the same time I don't want to let him go. I mean I've been rethinking a lot of things lately and I think my brain is just being stupid right now, ya know?" She smiled a small smile patting the bed, telling me to sit. "Yeah, I know." "And?" I questioned. "I honestly hope it's just your stupid brain because you guys are SO cute together!" she squealed a little before turning serious again. "But if you do stop loving him don't keep him on the ropes, that's just cruel. False love hurts more than the truth, so does false hope." "I know." I smiled but it didn't quite reach my eyes. "You caring about it this much shows you're still in love, so hold on to that!" she laughed a little and so did I. "Definitely! And-" "You still have to go to the party if it rains like this tomorrow." "But why~?" I whined. "Because you need something to keep your life interesting. Plus you might be able to smash more bottles over people's heads." she said causing both of us to laugh. My phone buzzed letting me know I got a text, it was from Yoongi. Yoongi: Hey, where'd you guys run off to? and without me... Me: Sorry, babe, she took me to her house. Are you guys home? Yoongi: Yeah, Jeongguk's mom picked us up... Me: Okay, stay safe and Alex says we're still going tomorrow even if it rains again. Yoongi: Okay I put my phone away and looked up to meet Alex's stare that had a glint of amusement. "Was that him?" She smirked. "Yes?" It came out as a question because I was honestly unsure as to what she was planning. "Perfect!" I gave her a puzzled look before asking, "For what?" "The look you have on your face when you talk to him shows you still love him! Ha!" she exclaimed pointing at me as I started to blush. "Shut up!" "Nope! My OTP is still sailing! Long live fanfics!" "What??" "Don't worry about it." "Um okay?" I shrugged. "Let's find clothes for tomorrow, shall we?" "Gladly." We giggled heading towards her closet. "You know what I've noticed?" "What?" I asked. "You're in more controlled of your anger, good job!" she cheered. "And you seem bipolar." "Nah, I just act differently depending on whom I'm with." "Plastic." "Damn right."
A/N: 'Ello! Look I'm on time for the first time in a while! Any suggestions on what should happen at the party? Comment below! Let me know~ (Ah, references) if you want to be tagged and/or how the story is going and what I should change or what you like about it. Give me so Feedback!(references again...Bora, Adoonga, Kisum, Lil' Cham and Jace!) What do y'all want to see more of or is there anything new you want to see? I'm sick so I'm sorry if I can't update tomorrow, luckily I had written this a day early so I could post it on time.


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