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It's been awhile since I've done an imagine so here you go! Some fluff featuring Kai
Happy Reading!
He looks over to his right and his jaw drops. Standing at the counter of the coffee shop is one, no, the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. He looks at her up and down. She is wearing a black dress that hugs her waist and flows loosely down her legs, a white cardigan with the sleeves stopping short at her forearms and black converse. God, how she looked cute and elegant.
He stared at her a bit longer, watching as she dug through her small, black backpack to find her wallet. 'I thought girls carry purses,' he thought. She didn't look like a student, but he could be wrong. Either way, he thought it was cool that she carried a backpack instead of a purse.
He watches her some more. She has paid for her coffee and has taken a seat four tables away from him. He watches her place her backpack at her feet as she moves all of her hair to the left side of her body. He watches fall and takes note of the subtle wave it has to it. He also notices that she isn't wearing a lot of make-up, just simple eye shadow and mascara. He loves how natural it is. He thinks it really compliments her face. But then again, what does he know about make-up?
He turns away a little bit so it doesn't look like he's stalking her, but watches her out of the corner of his eye. He sees her pull out a book and set it on the table. He squints his eyes to try and make out the familiar cover, but he can't see it that well.
She looks up from her backpack and checks her phone, oblivious to the guy who was watching her. She smiles when she reads her friend's exaggerated text about some TV show she was watching. Jongin's heart skips a beat at the sight of her smile. He looks away from her for a minute so he can gather his thoughts. This girl seems to perfect to be real.
He turns his head back to her and watches the waitress hand her her cup of coffee. The girl smiles and tells the waitress thank you. God, even her voice sounds perfect. He watches her take a sip from the cup and reach out for book. She sets the cup down and flips through the book, trying to find the page she left off on. Jongin, being the book nerd he is, freaks out inside when he sees her reading on of his favorite books. He lets out a small sigh. This must be a dream. There was no way for this to be real. He did not just stumble upon the most perfect girl he has ever seen. But here she is. Sitting right in front of him at his favorite coffee shop.
After several minutes of contemplating and self-pep talking, Jongin gathers up his courage and gets up from his seat, his heart beating a mile a minute. The girl is still glued to her book, to engrossed in the book to notice him walking towards her.
Jongin takes in one more breath before speaking, "Excuse me," he says. The girl jumps a little bit at the sudden noise, losing her grip on her book but catching it immediately. Jongin tries to hide his smile. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." He didn't want to scare her, but her reaction was so cute, he couldn't resist from smiling
"It's fine," she reassures him, bringing her hand to her chest. "I guess I was just so into the story." She says, laughing at the end of her sentence.
"I guess," he says, laughing along with her. Any nervousness that he had before coming up to her has been long forgotten. He suddenly feels at ease with this mysterious, but bright girl. "Mind if I sit here?"
"Not at all," she says. Jongin smiles and sits down in the seat across from her. "That book is one of my favorites." he says, pointing at the book.
"Really?" she asks, surprised that someone else has heard of the book. "It's my favorite book. It's not that popular, so I'm surprised you know about it."
"It's by my favorite author," he stats."
"Really? This is my favorite author!"
"Yeah," She says, wearing a big smile. Who is this man? And why is he talking to her? Surely there were other girls who could be more interesting than her? So why is he talking to her?
"So, what is a guy like you doing talking to a girl like me?" she asks.
Jongin shrugs, "You just seem like someone who is fun to talk to. You have a welcoming aura." Jongin mentally slaps himself. A welcoming aura? Where the hell did that come from? He's more nervous than he though he was
She lets out a giggle, "Thanks,"
He buries his nerves down and tries to act cool, "No problem..."
"(Y/N)," she quickly states.
"(Y/N)," Jongin repeats. Even her name sounds beautiful. He holds out his hand. "Jongin, but my friends call me Kai. You can call me either. It doesn't matter to me." He mentally slaps himself again. Why is he acting like such a dork in front of a girl he's trying to impress?
She reaches her hand out to shake his. "Nice to meet you, Jongin."
Jongin smiles again. She's so polite and warm to him, even when he just showed up out of nowhere to greet himself. This girl was definitely something special.
"So," he says, "What are some of your other favorite books?"
"What?" Jongin says between fits of laughter. "What do you mean, he deserved to die?"
"He was arrogant and rude," she says, " He was such an asshole to the other characters."
"But that doesn't mean he deserved to die."
"Yes it does," she says, trying to hold in her laughter, " He slowed the other characters down, put them down, and had no purpose to the group. Then he acts like a hero and thinks everyone will think better of him? He's responsible for his own death."
Jongin takes a breath, "Okay, I can agree with you on that, but he did have a purpose to the group."
Jongin debates whether or not to say his joke, "He was the token asshole," he says, hoping he said something right.
She can't hold it in anymore and bust into another fit of laughter. "The token asshole," she repeats before laughing a little harder. Jongin throws his head to the side and laughs at her laugh. She didn't hold back her laugh like other girls did, she let it loose, and he loved how different her laugh was. He takes a deep breath and looks at her, a small smile spread across his face. How can a girl that he just met make him feel like he's flying? She's so sweet and caring and really easy to talk to. She's even got a nerdy side to her, which he find adorable. For some reason, he doesn't feel nervous talking to her anymore. He feels a warmth in his stomach. How can someone, who he just met, make him feel so warm and happy?
She takes a small sigh and pushes her hair out of her face. She hasn't laughed that hard in a long time, and it felt good to laugh like that. She looks up at Jongin and notices him staring. "What?" she asks shyly, "What are you staring at?"
"You," he replies.
"'Cause you're beautiful," he lets out before he cam stop himself. He quickly looks down at his lap and rests his hand on the back of his neck, trying to hide his face so she doesn't see him blush. She lets out a shy smile and looks down at the table, a small blush creeping on her cheeks. 'He thinks I'm beautiful' she thinks to herself.
She looks up at him, seeing him run a hand through his perfectly-styled, brown hair. She feels her heart start to beat quickly. This stranger, who has only known her for a few hours, who has the same likes as her, who is literal perfection, is making her heart race.
She's about to say something when her phone dings. She's about to close her phone before she catches a glimpse at the time, "Holy sh," she says, stopping herself from curing, "Is it really three?"
Jongin shrugs before reaching in his back pocket to check his phone. He lets out a small chuckle, "I guess it is," he says. Apparently they've been talking for most of the afternoon.
"I'm really sorry, but I have to go," she says, stuffing her book in her backpack. Jongin gets up from his set watching her franticly gather up her things. She zips up her backpack and turns to face him. "It was really nice talking to you, Jongin." she says to him. She looks up at him a little bit, noting on how tall he is compared to her.
"Same to you," he replies. She nervously looks down, growing sad because she knows she'll probably never see this guy again. She grabs her backpack and throws it over one shoulder. "Well, see ya," she says, turning around to walk out of the shop.
"Wait," Jongin calls out. She turns back around to face him.
"C-Can I get your number?" he asks shyly, "I really want to see you again." He looks down at his feet, afraid that she may reject him. He really doesn't want to let her go. Neither does she.
"Um, yes, sure, do you have anything to write on?" she asks, quickly taking a Sharpie out of her backpack.
"Um, here, write on my arm," he says, holding out his right arm. She uncaps the Sharpie and writes her number on his arm, signing it with a little heart like you see in the movies. "There," she says, returning the pen to her backpack. Jongin smiles again, "I'll call you later tonight," he says, his smile getting bigger when he finally realizes that this girl likes him enough to give him her number.
She gives him a big smile, "Looking forward to it. See ya," she says, turning around and walking out of the coffee shop, excitement flowing through her body.
"See ya," Jongin calls out, waving at her. He lets out a small smile and looks down at his arm. This was definitely not a one-time thing like the other encounters he has with girls. This was something better. Something wonderful. He knew that. He knew that once he saw her walk in the coffee shop. He knew that he had to make her his.


Omg!!! I love this!!! It's so cute!!<3<3
I love it❤❤ you should make more of these!!!