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Chapter 18 ************** ~N P.O.V~ We pulled up to the club again as this time it was closed. We all rushed in to the back room where they had my mate hooked up to an IV with blood pouch. They also had a heart monitor on her. I huffed as I looked around the room. Mina and her clan were here along with the exo clan. Zeke was with us but when he saw his sister. He rushed over to her. He took her hand and caressed her hair. I felt a pang on my heart as I watched him. I admit that I'm jealous but I knew that he was her brother. "Zeke?" Mina whispered. He turned to face Mina. "Zeke" she sobbed and ran into his arms. Her clan sighed in a relief that they no longer have to see there Mistress in pain. Zeke caressed Mina's hair and held her tight. He whispered things in her ear as he tried to calm her down. I slowly made my way to my mate. I took hold of her lifeless hand and squeeze it. " It's over, My little one. It's over now." "If you want to change her, now would be best time too" Lay said. "We will leave you alone" Suho said as they all left the room. Mina's boys left the room too. So it was my clan, Mina, and my mate's brother and my mate. "Please save her." Zeke plead. I nod, I took the IV out and leaned down to my mate. I kissed her cheek and went to neck. I bite into her neck and letmy venom into her system as I drained her blood. When I took the last ounces of her. I licked her wound to close and pulled back. I bit my wrist and brought it to her mouth. With my venom and my blood. She was in a deeper coma then she was before. We knew that this would be a couple day process. I I gave her the right amount and pulled my wrist way. "It will take a couple of days but I'll have to give her more of my blood in the next day" I informed them. We all stayed quiet and waited for the results of my mate to live. An hour passed by when Suho came in. "The council would like to have a meeting with the Vixx clan and Zeke Hwan. Two escorts are here" he said. We all looked at each other and nod. Mina gave us a look saying that she will look after my mate. We made our way out and greeted by the council gaurds. "Vixx and Zeke. You have the remains to be silent. Whatever you say or do will be held against you by the council. Do you have any questions?" "No sir." I said for everyone of us. They cuffed us and took us to a van. The drive was silent and long but we manage to arrive to a castle that was once owned by our father and mother. We didn't want to take over, so we picked the best people to can set rules and agree on who is to be punish or not. We were walked into a big room, where seven member of the council sat. "Prince HakYeon, its so nice to see you here." Park JaeSun said. "You look good. You all do." I said trying to flatter them. "Oh HakYeon, you always knew how to flatter us." Jiyoung said with a smile. "Can we get back to business." Aron said and they all agreed. JaeSun cleared his throat and looked down at the paper. "Three am this morning you and your clan were at VAV clan house. When we heard the news that the house was on fire and a witness saw you seven talking they came to report to us. What do you have to say?" "I'll tell you everything you want to. It started at  eleven pm when my brother's and my soon to be mate were going to Suho's club. I went to Suho to get information on Alana Park. She been hanging around my soon to be mate a little to much and I knew nothing about her. So when we were talking in Suho backroom. I left my soon to be mate with Xiumin at the bar. But when she went to the restroom by herself, she was stabbed in the side and staked in the chest. I smiple wanted revenge on whoever it was that put my soon to be mate in tht critical condition. By that time I ended up at Mistress Mina who knew where Miss Anala lived at. I went to my house and then her's. I never asked for my brother to step in but the have my back in whatever I do." I took a breatherand stared up at them. " When one of the VAV member was turning into a wolf. Another wolf came out and attacked the VAV member. Miss Anala fled the house and I went to follow her. We had our own battle of one on one. When I was done with her games, I ripped her head off and lit her on fire in the forest. When I got back to the house the VAV clan members were shredded to pieces and blood was all over. The only way to get rid of the evidence was to burn the house down. When we made our way out the front we meet my soon to be mate's brother and Mistress Mina's mate. Who had family killed by Miss Anala." I explained what happened. They all looked at each other, like they were having there private conversation. "Mr. Zeke?" Zeke head popped up and he stepped next to me. " The accident with Miss Alana, please explain?" "Alana and I were friends back in high school. She said that when she turned of age that she was to be bonded by a vampire. I gave her the favor of giving her a normal life as a human before she became a mate. I never knew that she would turn out like this. When My parents and I were out we were on an empty street when another car came crashing into us. My parents died on first impact but I was losing to much blood. There was a group of rogues that were near the accident. I protested to tellthem that they needed to leave me alone but they didn't listen. Their alpha bit me and turned me into a wolf. When I was recovered, I told them that I was going on my own. I stayed out of sight of my sister and my mate, until now." He gave them his story. They did there communication with their minds and turned back to us. "We have decided that we will not punish you. You HakYeon were defending your mate and You Zeke were defend yourself and your family. And seeing how you killed Miss Alana wewill not press any charges on you. That is all, you may be dismissed now." JaeSun said. We all sighed in relief and made our way out. "HakYeon?" I turned around? "Yes sir?" "I'm looking forward to meeting the feature Princess." He said as I nod. I left to catch up with my brother's. The gaurds drove us back to Suho's. When we got there I stayed by my mates side, whispering things to her.
I'm So Curious... What Will Happen Between Them After She Wakes Up? Will They Keep Hitting On Her? And What Will Be Of Her Brother? Will He Live With Them? And Will He Find A Girlfriend? I'm So Excited For The Next Chapter Update
@RubyDusky find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z! Anyway love love love it!
anxiously awaiting for her to wake up 💗💗💗
Loving all the updates!😆 So glad they were cleared of all charges... we just have to wait for the lil one to wake up💖
@SuniWilcox Thank you ^_^ and You're Welcome. I'll be sure to have chapter 19 up soon as I can
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