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Whether you tried your hardest or failed your worst ever. Never give up, because the person or goal your trying to reach has had many before it who may seem like heroes for their accomplishments, but when they were in your shoes they too failed time and again to get to where they are now!! The guts to never give up is real!! Believe it!!
Free and true to yourself!! To truly conquer everything then you must conquer anything holding back your freedom!! Be free and sail wherever you want to with your NAKAMA!! Be proud and know you are your Own King!! Always stay true to yourself!!
Soar to the highest heights and become a blazing beautiful firework!! Even though that moment may only last a moment, hold onto it and don't let that light disappear and continue to shine the way for others to reach out to and follow along forever!!
Life isn't always fair, but it can be fun!! Realizing what you have and knowing you can be proud of kit and state what you believe in even if it's convincing yourself that things are bigger than others realize can make you understand and grow as a person and as a people together. Sure they laugh now, but someday they will see what you can become!! Anime is life!! Anime is Love!!
Learn from that which hurts you, realized what you gained from "your" sacrifice and grow!! For someday you will obtain something irreplaceable and something strong, a fullmetal heart strong!!
@KurosakiJess someday you'll SE me wearing the shirt!! If u ever see a guy wearing that shirt just say hey!! Chances are, maybe, haha, it's me!! Either way say hi!!
Aww man I'm so jealous! @LuffyNewman
Yay! You're so thoughtful! (: @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess I had to do a Bleach one not only bc I love bleach bc I knew you'd enjoy it too!!
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