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Okay people, I am the Merc with no filter on Vingle but I do know how to follow the rules. Listen, I been gone for a bit as you know but damn guys. Between the couple of days I have been active, some of you really lost what Vingle is suppose to be about. Listen here, no cursing and carrying on. Go to 4chan or take it to your inbox. VINGLE is suppose to be a safe community to nerd out and have fun, not knocking each other down. We all have opinions, some we agree with and others we don't. Humans of Vingle, learn how to agree to disagree. Don't spew non sense. Don't have a mod, support of Vingle themselves have to intervene. PLEASE do not give a bad look for the communities that you are a part of if we have people who take care of them and run them.
So let me tell you something, keep Vingle clean and happy. Oh and before you question this post, no. I do not work for Vingle, no. Vingle did not send me to warn you. No. I am not trying to rain on your asinine parade but I want to keep this community cool and calm. A haven to be nerds and make some cool friends in the process. In other words, CUT IT OUT! MRS. WADE WILSON Also, most of the Mods and Supports are in the communities to help you if you have questions, concerns or you just need help with something. ATTENTION MODERATORS Cross listed in communities I hang out in..
I'm Wade's conscience. That is how our relationship works on Vingle.
lamo. ok what ever you say Wade. *wink*
something must be seriously wrong with Wade. he wouldn't f.ing care. hmmm this must be cable trying to trick us or something. don't worry deadpool, we know the truth.