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When will I meet Tae irl??! *sobs* Since Tumblr had to go remind me how misfortunate it was that I couldn't attend KCON NY 2016 with a notification, I made this little game to make myself feel better (:

Imagine you're at a fanmeet ^^

1. his face when he sees you approaching

2. what you give him

**If you got "a question" scroll down to 3.1

3. his face when he receives it

3.1. He answers you with _______

4. his face when you're told to move on to the next member

5. He goes for a high five. You ____

[my results] ILYSM!!! :,((((

How'd it go?? Who would you like to meet next?

The lineup so far: V Jin Suga J-hope Jimin Jungkook Rap Monster
Oh god this is so cute, I would like one for Jin! :)
@KDluvR1999 here you go
V is so cute! I asked a question, but he gave me a greasy answer. I did get a highfive. ✌
@Badtz plzzz tag me when you do them :)) especially jhope and Jimin <3
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