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My KCON Experience (1st Timer's POV!!)

What is good my fellow Vinglers!! Sorry about my long absence, but I just got back from one of the best nights of my life!!!
KCON New York was this past weekend and I had such an amazing time!! The food, the music, just the atmosphere of being around my fellow KPOP fans was absolutely incredible!
*NOTICE: im sorry all my videos are pretty short, I had no space on my phone so i literally filmed everything on Snapchat and the quality isn't the best. also, im sorry for any and all intensive screaming i do throughout. nevertheless, they are still MY videos!! please ask before you repost ANYTHING and credit me if you get permission. Thank you*


We left at around 6am and it took us about 4 hours to get to the hotel. It was 30 minutes away from the convention and we arrived pretty late. We started out our day with seeing JunCurryAhn perform Fire and he KILLED IT!!!! That guy was awesome and he had so much energy it was contagious. Then we were surprised with an appearance from none other than MAMAMOO!! Yes, MAMAMOO showed up at the convention and everyone was speechless; we had absolutely no idea. Anyway, we walked around the convention and grabbed a bite to eat. I had beef japchae and it was delicious!! My friend got tteokboki and I had some and it was really good (and extremely hot, I burnt my lip ;-;). After that, we got turnt at the Toyota booth with awesome music and some really cool dancers (shoutout to @AlysonLR for shutting it down, you go girl!!).
On to the concert. It was insane!! We started lining up at like 5:30, which was a bad idea. It was a HUGE crowd of people it wasn't even a line. After like 30 minutes of waiting, they finally opened up some extra doors and we got seated. And who MCs the show?? None other than Namjoon and Ailee!! I did not see that coming at all!! BUT OMG SEVENTEEN OPENED UP THE SHOW AND I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER!!! Hoshi and Jun did a solo and they killed it!!! OMG but Vernon came on and I literally screamed my soul out of my body!! When they did Chuck, I was so done and they did Adore U for their finale and Jeonghan rapped Wonwoo's part (my poor sloth wasn't there ;-;) and literally everyone sang along. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! After them was Crush who did an amazing job as well!! My favorite song he did was Hug Me and I was blown away. He totally owned the stage. I never expected it, but in real life Crush is just very suave and chill. He's definitely someone I wouldn't mind kicking it with. BTOB also performed and they were really amazing. Peniel's english was ON POINT, but Sungjae and Eunkwang were absolutely adorable~ They all were to be honest. After that, we got a special stage from who else? SEVENTEEN!! They came back onstage and did their theme song from their predebut show and Sorry Sorry!!! I wanted to cry; I did not see that coming at all!! Then Dynamic Duo came on and hyped up the crowd with their awesome rapping, especially Gaeko. They collabed with Crush and the finale was phenomenal
But let's talk about the best act of the night: MY GIRL AILEE!!!
For one thing this was her very 1st time she's ever performed in the states AND she is from New Jersey so it truly was a blessing to see her perform that night. She opened up with Mind Your Own Business and S L A Y E D ! ! Unfortunately, her speakers blew out and the music cut off, but that didn't stop her from singing. EVERYONE SANG ALONG and when she started over, it was as if nothing happened and she KILLED IT!!! She was so happy she almost cried and it was amazing to see how much love she got that night. I absolutely loved it when she finished with U+I cuz that was my 1st song of hers and that's what made me a fan.
All in all, Friday was a blast!!


Since we got there late on Friday, we decided to come to the convention at 10:30am, which gave us plenty of time to check-in and actually enjoy everything. We started with JunCurryAhn and DANakaDAN's panel. Jun came late so Dan wanted us all to prank him. He was so confused it was hilarious!! We tried standing in line for a meet and greet at the8mm's booth with JRE, but it was really hot and the line was too long so we decided to look for some BTS tshirts. Unfortunately, they were all sold out, but luckily not their CDs. So me and my friend both got HYYH Pt. 2 for only $22. After that, we bought a KCON lightstick for the show. After walking around some more and checking out more of the booths, we ran into JRE. My friend body rolled with him and I got a selfie with him. He's really cool in real life and it was such an honor to finally meet him. Then we saw this rapper named Heesun Lee and she shut it DOWN!!! She could put Namjoon to shame I swear on my life!! She's an amazing performer who's message is to show girls that we are not objects and we are stronger when we think!! You guys have to check her out!
The concert was good, but of course we had to suffer the line. Since you-know-who was performing that night, everyone and their parents were there (LITERALLY!!!). It was so crazy we had to line up an hour before they opened. It took us forever, but it was definitely worth it! We got seated a lot earlier than the last night. The show started with the beautiful and talented MAMAMOO!! In my opinion, their very natural in real life and pretty short, but still very VERY beautiful. Mr. Ambiguous and 1cm were my favorite songs they did and my girl Hwasa was owning it!! Also, if you're a Solar/Moonbyul shipper, let's say you would've been very VERY pleased ;). After them was Eric Nam. He was absolutely adorkable!! He was incredibly funny and super awesome and I absolutely loved his energy. His sense of humor was the best as well; he drank water and everyone went crazy and he literally said "Guys, chill." and I died!! He also did a song with Ailee and twerked and I almost fell out of my seat!! Anyway, after Eric was Day6 and they all literally wrecked my bias list. At first it was Jae, then YoungK stole my heart, but Dowoon was just the cutest thing ever. They opened up with Letting Go and I got a little emotional, not gonna lie. But, I absolutely loved it when they did alot of old kpop songs. They did CNBLUE and collabed with MAMAMOO and did Nobody by the original Wonder Girls. It was pure nostalgia; it took me back to 3 years ago when I started out in KPOP and I absolutely loved it.


WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THEM OMG!!!! THEY BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!!! They opened up with Fire and everyone went crazy!!! The beat drop was the best and it was literally Fire. They introduced themselves and spoke in ENGLISH!!! Jhope was like "I'm your hope!" and my heart skipped a beat his voice is really deep in real life it's unreal. Jimin has really deep eyes in person, but my wife Jin was absolutely stunning!! OMG he said "Hi, I'm Jin!" and I wanted to hug the life out of him. Tae was like "NEW YORK, TURNUP!!!" and it was the cutest thing. BUT MY BIAS SUGA!!! He did that thing where took his earpiece out and I LOST IT!!! I SCREAMED SO HARD I LEGIT ALMOST CRIED!!! HE IS LIKE BEYOND HANDSOME IN REAL LIFE!! HE WAS MESMERIZING!!! But when they did Cypher Pt. 3 I would've died happy right then and there!! Everyone was rapping everyone's part. But the finale was SO HYPE!! They performed Dope and the crowd went wild!! Everyone was chanting and it was so much fun seeing them do the choreo!!! They were so in-sync and perfect it was AWESOME!!! NOBODY could stop talking about it. ARMY got together and lost it!! One girl even CRIED!! Yes, she broke down in tears and I wanted to hug her, but I would've cried with her ;-;


This my 1st time at KCON and my 1st time at a KPOP concert so I was extremely happy. Seeing all my favorite groups and artists and Youtubers for one weekend was awesome and I am so thankful I got to go!!
To @tronnor17: I'm so glad I got you into BTS and SEVENTEEN and it was awesome being KPOP trash with you. I can't wait til next year, it's gon be LIT!!
To my fellow ARMY/Carats/KPOP fans who went: I hope you guys had an awesome weekend at KCON and New York if you were able to go and I hope to see you guys next year in LA!!
To my fellow ARMY/Carats/KPOP fans who didn't go: I wish you could have been there it was so much fun!!! I hope you were at least able to watch it online. I hope you can go next year; it'd be awesome to see you there!! Please, try to come next year! It's worth it, I promise
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