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This anime came in as somethi beg as was def anticipating. Although I was getting more on the plain old hero type anime. The it just kicked in and kicked up the emotions, smiles, tears, and passion!! This anime is going to be a big thing as it continues down the Manga and 2nd season of the Anime!! Deku and the Students as well as All Might and the Sensei's will become more influential to on another and make me laugh, smile, and cry more and more!! A top lister for 2016 anime releases and looking forward to so so much to season 2!! Anime Is Life!! I am My "own" Hero Academia!!
I can't wait for season 2!! Holy crap! I just remembered it's Sunday and the last episode of this season should be out now! Yay! (: @LuffyNewman
Yeah @KurosakiJess I watched it along with a few other season finale's. My list of watching went from 30 something to like 9 within this last week :/ so so sad haha. Better start getting summer16 list fully loaded again haha.
The manga is reallyyyyyy good too!!
@KurosakiJess yeah I've been keeping up as much as I can on SJW and it's bound to tune into an amazing second anime season for sure!! Love it all!!