Hey guys, Idk how many of you have seen this photo of a Yoon Go bias girl, but these comments piss me off. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. This is so cute ❤ I'm sure Yoon Gi would find it adorable. I don't care how pretty you are, but if you make comments like this you are a disgusting human being.
I think it's cute that she decided to dress as her bias. I honestly don't understand why people are reacting that way. It's so rude and totally unnecessary.
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Vinglers, I love you guys.
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Kcon, standing for Korean Convention, just like ComicCon is the Comic Convention and so on and so forth. Honestly, I love cosplaying and meeting others who have gone out of their way to show how much they love something always warms my heart. Kudos to this individual! I hope to meet people with creativity like this at KconLA next month! 👏👏👏😊
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People can be so inconsiderate. This really makes me angry that people feel the need to make fun of someone like that. I'm pretty sure Yoongi would find it adorable and the rest of Bts would too. Don't make fun of someone because they wanted to dress up as their favorite member. It's rude and hurtful. Some people just need to understand that everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. I loved their cosplay! <3
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This is horrible, this is why I dislike the immature Army's smh..
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