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So there aren't to many with the title 'Save me' But two of these are my absolute favorite and thought why not share! I only have 3 songs, this title is more popular with the american music (Theres like 5 I could name right away lol)
Bts with Save Me.
I just can't help but love their music.
I feel as if I'm picking on them when I keep finding their song titles matching others. (I'm not I promise!) I seriously gotta stop it, listen to other music I keep telling myself (It just doesn't happen lol) Anyway sorry light commentary on my part.
B.A.P with Save me
Okay I may love bts song but I am ADDICTED to this song!
Pearl K with Save Me
This song I did just find, I haven't decided whether I love it or not. lol But it is very calming in my opinion
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I love BAP's save me, I even made a cover for it ❤
There is Save Me by Nicki Minaj!!! You should check it out