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This is the second and hopefully the last time I post this a day late. I didn't bring my computer with me to New Jersey this weekend so it was difficult to work on the card. With that in mind, comment what I missed and check the comments to see if someone posted a new song. Lets discover music together!!
Baek Yerin released "Bye Bye My Blue" which is a ballad song that mostly uses piano instrumental with percussion. The song's lyrics are about wanting to love confidently but being afraid to change things.
As One released "The Pain I Caused" which is also a ballad. This is the duo's first full album in 10 years although they have been releasing music in that time. The song was very beautiful and sympathetic.
O21 (O to One) has made a debut with "Show Me". The song reminded me of D.Holic's "Chewy Chewy" at the chorus but the song is pieced together in a way that it changes style between the lines of the song.
Sistar made their comeback with "I Like That" and at first I didn't think it was their style but after the first chorus I realized Sistar can probably do any style and make it theirs. The song is sensual and upbeat at the same time.
MADTOWN made their comeback with "Emptiness" which is a ballad. The song is a song of longing for a lost love and the music video portrays the story well. The lyrics of the video speak of everything that is missed.
A.DE debuted with "Strawberry" and the song is reminiscent of a standard debut song, being bright and uniform but they do change towards the end for a quick hip-hop dance break before returning to the bright and cute image.
Kisum released "No Jam" and despite the slang "노잼:No Jam (No fun)" the song is very upbeat and bouncy. Like a lot of songs that get in your head, this song has A LOT of repetition in the chorus.
ROMEO came out with "MIRO" which is definitely more suave than "Nightmare". The music video is mystical as they change settings to a big chess board to a garden etc. and the song as well as the dance were smooth too.
Station released "Definition of Love" by Lee Dong Woo and Orphée Noah. The song is smooth jazz and also in english. The song has a typical jazz tempo with the instrumentals and the vocals in some parts which puts emphasis on the off-beat.
Taeyeon released "Starlight" ft. Dean and the song is great. Dean has and awe inspiring voice as does Taeyeon and they fit together sweetly. I had problems with the MV because it seemed like the ring is the reason she had interest and then the end?! I was like "Wut?" but you have to watch to see why.
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Yea with the vibe of the song it made it seem happy but the ending wasn't happy even the lyrics are pretty happy so I can understand how that ending is weird @LmJSuper
taeyeon's mv almost felt like a flashback style mv like they were remembering their time together, I don't know why but that's the impression I got
Glad to see Madtown on this list. We had really bad internet at the hotel we were staying at in New Jersey.
@netchtiBates I felt like it showed the story of their relationship to the end but I wasn't expecting an end to the relationship