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How to Reject Someone

I've never been good at saying no to a date, and boys have never been good at taking my hints.

The only guy that ever took my "ermmm...I'm busy" as the "no" that is was, was a super sweet guy who asked me out during my library shift, returned the next day with M&Ms and said 'just thought I'd check." It would have never worked out but I TOTALLY appreciated how cool he was about it all.
But for those less in tune...

Here are some ways of getting out of rejecting someone out-right but it seems more awkward than just telling someone straight!

If you meet for a date, don’t order anything.

Okay, this seems super awkward. Let's say they ask you out for an ice cream and you don't order one, its clear that you aren't into this date and your date will probably be uncomfortable and pissed. They'll get the hint.

Don’t let him walk you home.

“I’ll walk you home” usually ends in disaster for people who want the date to end. The person offering to walk you is probably expecting a kiss OR an invitation to a second date. Just say "I'm walking myself home, thanks" and part ways.

Be on your phone while in conversation.

CRINGE! SO RUDE! But, if you want someone to know you aren't interested in the, that's a pretty obvious way. It's mean and sad and personally I think the person on a date with you deserves to just be told you aren't interested, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Fizzle out the texting

This is probably the easiest. If you leave a date with promises to text them tomorrow, don't. Just let the conversations start to die to make your point clear.
Once I had a guy who wouldn't leave me alone so I finally agreed to go to lunch with him, where I proceeded to talk about my "boyfriend" (who didn't exist) to make it seem like this was just a friend lunch.
He got the hint after that.

Do you have a crafty way of rejecting someone without really telling them flat-out no? Or do you believe honesty is the best policy?

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Just say no. When you say Errrmm we men get confused :) We prefer direct messages rather than indirect.
a year ago·Reply
"No, I'm not interested in you" is so much easier to say than "Hey creep, stop choking me!" There are too many weirdos out there to not be straightforward and cut them off at the pass.
a year ago·Reply
I usually tell them the truth in the nicest most polite tone of voice that I can manage.
a year ago·Reply
I want to see how a guy rejects on a date. That will be an article to check out.
a year ago·Reply
Tbh, most of this stuff will make it awkward and is plain rude, you can very well say "no", being rude just because you're shy is why tumblr exists
a year ago·Reply